Fashion: Tips to Being a Fashionable Mom on a Budget

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Being a mom does require a lot of sacrifice. However, being fabulous and fashionable does not have to be one of them. With a few perfect essential clothing items and a couple simple styling tips, you can create stylish outfits by mixing and matching items you already have and save yourself from having to break the bank. Invest in the essentials below and give yourself the mommy makeover you deserve.

The Little Black Dress

Whether you are setting up a date night with your husband or are having girls’ night out at your favorite restaurant, nothing is more essential for nighttime outings than the little black dress. You can dress it up with your favorite strappy heels, or even dress it down with a simple black pump and a blazer for work. By learning how to pair a black dress with different accessories and jackets, you can create entirely new looks on a budget. However you can view more black dresses here for more best dress options to choose from!

The Perfect Jeans

When the words “mom” and “jean” are paired together, the mental picture that most people get is a mom in an ill-fitting, oddly light-washed pair of huge jeans. Do not become the poster mom for the “mom jean.” Fit is key when finding the perfect pair of women’s denim. This is definitely a case where you get what you pay for. The good news is that a quality pair of jeans will not only last forever, they will also feel great and will look great on you. Once you find a brand that fits you well, be sure to stick with that brand. Opt for your newfound fab jeans instead of sweatpants to run errands and you will look like the fashionista that you are!

The Perfect T-Shirt

While being supportive of your children is extremely important, this does not mean that you have to wear T-shirts featuring the teams your kids play for out every day. Buy a few quality T-shirts that fit you well and can withstand the errands and arts and crafts but can also be paired with a great blazer or used as a layer under a stylish sweater. Thrive metallic screen printing is a great option for your t-shirts.

Who said being a mom can’t be fabulous? You owe it to yourself to look as amazing as you are. As with everything in life remember that quality is better than quantity. By buying well-made items, you save money in the long run. You do not have to buy a ton of new clothing to create the perfect wardrobe. By mixing and matching and using these styling tips, you can add flare to your wardrobe on a budget. Your children can come first and you can make yourself happy at the same time. Do not let your appearance, and ultimately your self-esteem and happiness, fall on the backburner. Look your best to feel your best!

What are your go-to fashion pieces?

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