Relationships: How Teens Can Show Love on Valentine’s Day


We put so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day being the day of “love” and its focus is aimed mostly toward couples. Children can give cards and treats at school but how can tweens and teens show love to those special to them?

I have two teenagers at home (14 and 16) and I asked them how they could show love to others without spending a lot of money or any money at all this Valentine’s Day. I gave them three categories to think about: family, sibling, and friends. 

How Teens Can Show Love on Valentine's Day

Here are just a few ways that tweens and teens can show love to their family, sibling(s), and friends this Valentine’s Day:


  • Wake up first to make breakfast for everyone else.
  • Make a coupon book for mom and dad.  Ideas for the coupon book are free babysitting, taking out the trash, washing the car, making dinner, things that they do not do on a regular basis.
  • Make a personalized card for everyone.


  • Dedicate the day to only words of kindness and encouragement.
  • Write a letter to your sibling telling them why they are special to you.
  • Surprise them with a bag of their favorite candy.


  • Make homemade hearts and add a piece of candy to it.
  • Make Valentine cookies and share them at lunch.
  • Frame a recent picture of the friends together and give it as a gift.

What are some fun ways that you and your kids are showing love this Valentine's season?

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