Money Management: How to Get Financially Fit

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With the New Year quickly approaching, thoughts of getting financial fit are on my mind. New Years for me is all about setting goals, and doing a little better than the year before. My goal for 2013 is to save more money and spend less. It is never too late to educate yourself about being financially fit. A recent eToro app review recommends that having a plan about finances can not only help you when you find yourself in difficult times, but it can also help you prepare and plan for the future.

How to Get Financially Fit

How did you learn about money and budgeting? If didn't grow up in a home where you were taught about money, what do you do? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Use online education.

The web has made it super simple to educate yourself. Payoff is a free resource where you can get help setting up a budget and get debt reducing tips. There are also a lot of great web sites where you can get great tips on how to save money. Frugal living bloggers are some of my favorite people. They seem to attract bargains and freebies like no one else can. Mom It Forward has a Home Management section where we feature articles from frugal living bloggers.

2. Take a class at your local college or Jr. college on finance.

These classes can be very helpful and usually only take a quarter to complete. You can learn how to balance a checkbook, make a budget, or pay your taxes on time.

3. Listen to podcasts while you commute to work, run errands, or take a road trip.

Podcasts can run from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the subject. There are a lot of great free podcasts out there that can help you save money. Here are just a few: Dave Ramsey, Mrs. Beasley, and Simple Dollar.

4. Attend a workshop on improving your finances.

If you search for this in your local paper or on the web, you should be able to find workshops in your area. This year I will be attending the Frugaity Boot Camp in Salt Lake City. It is a day long event on January 19, 2013. Jordan Page from The Fun, Cheap, and Free Queen will be running this camp and it is sure to be a huge success. In her camp, we will be setting up a personal/family budget, learning how to save money on groceries, home decor, health and beauty items, and learning how to maintain an overall balanced frugal lifestyle. I can't wait!

This daylong event is only $49.00 until January 1st. If you live in the Salt Lake area, hurry and sign up. Last year, her camp sold out, so you don't want to wait. Here is some more information about the Frugality Boot Camp:

Frugality Boot Camp is a full-day retreat-o-fun here in Salt Lake City, UT where you come, have fun, make friends, eat good food, and learn everything you need to know about getting your budget/spending/finances in order, the simple and effective way. There will be:

  • Interactive discussions, lectures, and classes
  • Good food (lunch provided)
  • A day of education and fun
  • Giveaways and take-home gifts
  • Mingling with other like-minded people, and forming of new friendships
  • One-on-one coaching and Q&A from Jordan Page and other frugality and finance experts throughout Utah.
  • The info and skills to save your family thousands of dollars for years to come!

New this year: Hands-on workshops where you will physically make and take home budgets for your family with binders, helpful tracking tools, and more!

For more info go to or go directly to the Frugality Boot Camp website at

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get financially fit. By using some of these ideas, you can be on your way to a more financially fit year.

What are you doing in your family to get financially fit? What resources have you used to help you?

Jill Greenlaw has a banking background. She gave that up 17 years ago when she got married and started having kids. She loved being a stay-at-home mom while raising her four beautiful children. A few years ago, Jill went back to work in sales. She is now working for the Mom It Forward team as their Community Manager. She loves her job. Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling. Put her in flip flops anywhere warm and she is happy.

Photo credit: Photo found on Flickr by Tax Credits

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