Home Decor: Creating a Healthy & Relaxing Environment


What kind of environment does your home decor set in your house?

If you're anything like me, you want your home to be a safe haven where you can rest easy and relax. Ideally, your home would be a place where you can enjoy quality time with those that are most important to you, your family, friends, and pets. For me, achieving such an environment not only requires that my favorite people are in it, but means that the space itself emits a positive, welcoming vibe. And that's where home decor plays a huge role.

Home Decor: Creating a Relaxing and Healthy Home Interior

I recently received a nice package from Sharp PCI with some awesome products to help me create a healthy and relaxing home interior. The package's contents got me thinking. I'm about to embark on a mini interior re-design of my house. Nothing serious. Just a little painting, new kitchen counter tops, and possibly some new furniture to go with our new colors. Sounds like a lot, but it's pretty simple. That said, I want to ensure our new design helps us achieve that safe haven feel I aim for.

12 Home Decor Products That Create a Healthy and Relaxing Home Interior

Interior design that oozes healthy, relaxation, and wellness can be as simple as the home decor products you feature. This includes everything from the colors you select and the greenery you incorporate to how you clean your home. Here are 10 simple products I identified as helpful when creating a healthy and relaxing home interior. Some are those I received in the package and the majority are others I came up with on my own:

Products to Create a Healthy Environment

  • Air Filters: Using the right kind of filters ensures the removal of 99.97% of airborne pollutants including dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke particles. 
  • Air Purifier: I have loved my Sharp PCI Air Purifier. Utah is exceptionally dry and I love that this system maintains ideal humidity levels to help relieve dryness.
  • Great Cleaning Products: Products that get the dust, dirt, or pet hair up go a long way in creating a healthy environment.
  • Vacuum: Purchasing the right kind of vacuum cleaner can make all the difference in getting a deep clean. As with air purifiers, make sure to buy one with a true HEPA filtration system.

Products to Create a Relaxing Environment

  • Colors: Make sure to choose home decor, including furniture and art work, that fits your personality and allows you to feel at home in your house.
  • Comfortable Furniture: Uncomfortable furniture may look super hip, but it's not always relaxing. Try to find an alternative that let's you get the look you're after while being comfy.
  • Fountain: Flowing water, whether on a smart phone app/CD or from a real, even if only small, fountain, if a great way to infuse a serene feeling in any room.
  • Greenery: Whether live or artificial, plants and trees have a calming effect.
  • Sounds: Calming music or even the white noise created from the air purifier or the water flowing in the fountain create a soothing environment.

Products to Create a Welcoming Environment

  • Artwork: Choosing the right artwork can set exactly the tone you are after. Want something cheery? Go for bold and bright colors. Want to make a statement? Feature reds, oranges, and purples. If more toned down is your style, choose a more neutral and understated palette. Whatever you choose, make sure it represents the environment you're after and works for everyone in the home.
  • Home Decor: Whether using handmade or store-bought products, infuse your and your family's personality into each room through simple things like light fixtures, knickknacks, vases, etc.
  • Pictures: Nothing shares your personality like fun photographs. Featuring them in frames that match your style can set a friendly tone in your home.

Now, I'm no interior decorator, so for my mini home interior makeover I am enlisting the help of some friends who really get home decor. But, at least I'm good to go on the basics, especially when it comes to creating a healthy, relaxing, and welcoming home. I can't wait to share the before and after. Stay tuned for more details on that! And in the meantime, check out Sharp PCI's Facebook page, where you can learn more tips on creating a healthy and relaxing environment in your home!

What are your top tips for products that create a healthy and relaxing home interior?

Disclosure: I was provided with a Sharp PCI Air Purifier in compensation for this post. All opinions, including recommended products, are my own.
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