Five Tips for Photographing Kids

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Photographing kids can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, sometimes more difficult with children than when photographing babies. But when you capture that perfect frame that highlights their spirit, joy, and personality you feel great about it. So here are five tips from a professional photographer to help you make the most of the opportunities your children give you for catching the perfect photo.

1. Let the kids have fun!

I love to pick a location with a playground or a trail. If the kids need a break, I like to have a little place for them to unwind and relax. Usually just a five minute reset break will do the trick!

Kate Eschbach Photography - Five professional tips for photographing children.

2. Keep parents around.

This one might be a little controversial. After seven years of photographing families and events, I've tried it both ways. I can tell you that 95% of the time, the little ones do better and give a more relaxed smile when their parents are right there in the room. I know it seems like some parents could be distracting or try to interfere, but in my experience, if I just let them know exactly what I need, it works beautifully.

I ask them to stand right behind my shoulder, where my camera is. I tell them I will cue them when it is time to start making silly faces or funny noises. This always works for me. Trust me, the parents want that great shot as much as you do, and if you can work as a team - it is great! As a parent, this means you can catch fun photos of your children looking relaxed and showing their true personalities.

Kate Eschbach Photography - Five professional tips for photographing children.

3. Get those details.

Usually, parents work so hard on all the details. So whether you are photographing someone else, or your own event, be sure and get all those details everyone worked so hard on! It is fun to look back and remember the colors and the little things that made the day so special!

Kate Eschbach Photography - Five professional tips for photographing children.

4. Get down on their level.

If things seem not to be going well, I just sit down. I pick a spot where I can just watch them play. This immediately relaxes everyone. I put my camera to the side and just interact with them for a minute. When the kids see that I've put the camera down, they usually start playing right away.

Last week, I had a sweet little girl, who had been avoiding the camera, yell, "Hey, camera girl - look at this!" From that moment on, she let me snap her beautiful smile!

5. Don't worry if they aren't smiling or looking at the camera

Some of the most beautiful moments happen when they are just enjoying each other. Be ready to take advantage of those in-between moments when magic happens.

Kate Eschbach Photography - Five professional tips for photographing babies and children.

 Have you ever snagged a magical photo of your baby or child?

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