Food Blogging Conferences: How to Know Where to Go


If you happen to be a food blogger, you're probably aware that there are a variety of social media conferences designed specifically for you: BlogHer Food, International Food Bloggers Conference, and TechMunch to name a few. In 2012 alone, you have almost 30 to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which one to devote your hard-earned money or valuable time to. Let us help you a little bit with that decision with a question-and-answer session with Todd and Diane of WhiteonRiceCouple and Allison Lewis of IngredientsInc about BlogHer Food, TechMunch, Food Blogger Forum, and evo'12's food workshops.

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MomItForward: What differentiates these particular food-related events or conferences from others?

Todd and Diane: All four of them focus on food content that's directed to the needs of bloggers who specialize in the specific niche of food. The differences primarily lie in the one vs. two day conferences. BlogHer Food is a two-day conference, so there is more opportunity to have longer, in-depth sessions, and there are networking opportunities with some very large brands.

MomItForward: Which of these events would you recommend to other food bloggers? Why?

Alison: I recommend evo. I have been in food media for 20 years and I think that it's the best, most non-intimidating atmosphere to gain great food and photography knowledge and meet bloggers of all types. You will learn and be inspired in the greatest setting ever. The speakers and food workshops are always wonderful, with the most talented, dynamic speakers. I love the attendees, Jyl and Rachel, the sponsors, the organization of the event, the food...everything.

Todd and Diane: We would recommend the food conferences that we've attended—BlogHer Food, Food Blogger Forum, and TechMunch—but mostly to beginners. The content is very valuable, but often structured around content for newbies or beginners. Specific subjects like recipe writing, food writing, food photography, recipe SEO, how to produce food videos are especially valuable to food bloggers.

MomItForward: What other details can you share about these events?

Todd and Diane: Food Blog Forum and TechMunch are food-related gatherings and they are good because they are less expensive. They are both one day conferences, so the investment is much less, especially when it comes to accommodations.

Alison: Food Blog Forum is a top-notch event. It is hosted in different cities several times a year. I have spoken at three of them. This year, Todd and Diane of White and Rice Couple and Jaden of Steamy Kitchen, who are the founders of this event, were also speakers at evo. They are the most intelligent, kindest, and on the cutting edge bloggers out there.

 Have you attended food blogger conferences? What were your favorites and why?

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