What To Do When You Have A Free-Spirited Kid

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Kids have the most powerful imaginations. They visualize travel from earth to the moon in a blink of an eye. A simply day on a soccer field is transformed into the World Cup arena. That first dive off a diving board can be the dive that brings home the gold. As parents, we are always wanting to provide our free-spirited children with unique experiences that expand their minds and teach them character. What do you do when your child isn't interested in the every day activities of their peers, but rather they'd like to twirl and astound the audience below?

Aerial Arts

Aerial Artistry is the type of performance that incorporates movement on all levels: vertical, horizontal, and diagonally. These performers use aerial silk to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into any position they can think of. Watching Aerial Artists perform, transforms the audience into a world where movement and silk allows the performer to seemingly fly through the air.

Many children are exposed to Aerial Arts through performing groups such as Cirque du Soleil during a family vacation and instantly their universe expands into a never-ending world of possibilities of creativity. How can your free-spirited kid learn to craft of Aerial Arts?

Aeris, located in Salt Lake City, provides such an experience for children and adults interested in becoming an Aerialist. Darla Davis offers a wide range of classes and workshop:

  • Aerial Yoga: All fitness levels welcome as you work both on the ground and in the air, using muscles you didn't even know you had.
  • Level 1 Aerial: Learn the foundational skills of aerial silks. Over 15 different wraps, 6 different climbs, and over 30 basic tricks that allow you to try out for their auditions only courses.
  • Intermediate Aerial Silks: Audition only. Use your mastery of the skills from Level 1 and eventually learn more skills to participate in DAA's professional productions.
  • Lyra: Aerial hoop classes focused on teaching strength and flexibility.
  • Contortion/Stall Bar Classes: Hyper-flexibility taken to extreme level.
  • Company Class: Once you've mastered body and mind, student can audition for this professional level class where they are sent all over the country as a professional acrobat.
  • Kids Aerial Class: Perfect for that child who cannot stop talking about the brilliant show they just saw and want to take on the challenge. Starting at the age of 6, children explore a rather upside down world of delights.

Check out their video gallery and get a glimpse of the creativity that you can unlock with Aeris. Click here to see the videos.

What To Do When You Have a Free-Spirited Kid

  • Talk to your child about what they are passionate for. It can be anything from flowers to dance. Find out what makes their eyes light up in excitement.
  • Once you have narrowed on their passion, work alongside your son/daughter and research activities or classes that can build on their passion.
  • It is important to cheer them on during both their successes and their failures, learning new skills is the most opportune moment to teach determination.
  • Check-in with your child as they begin the classes and take an avid interest in what they are doing. Provide family support and excitement.

Aeris Presents "Chess"

Aerial Arts

Bring your entire family to the Utah cirque-styled show featuring all aspects of aerial arts!

Early Bird (purchased by March 15th): $20
Regular price: $25

Matinee Performance: 2:00PM
Evening Performance: 7:30PM

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