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General Mills Big G Cereals: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party on Retro Breakfast Memories

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Whether you enjoy it in a bowl with milk or use it to bake tasty treats, cereal has been a staple in kitchen cupboards across America. So many different varieties of cereal have been introduced throughout the years and can still be found on store shelves. These brands have been a part of our popular culture for decades and some have even shared their debuts with notable and historical events!

Let’s play a little trivia game…

  • What cereal was first placed on the shelves when black-and-white portable TV sets hit the market? Hint: The character is a bee.
  • What cereal hit the shelves when Mattel’s Hot Wheels were first introduced? Hint: The character is a happy-go-lucky rabbit.
  • This cereal was first introduced when Apple Macintosh made its debut. What cereal is this? Hint: Men in chef hats cover the box of this cereal.
  • What cereal made its debut when Barbie turned 30 years old? Hint: If you eat these, you’ll be lucky all day.

If you guessed Cheerios®, Trix®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch® and Lucky Charms® in that order, then you are right on all of the questions. These cereals have been around for decades and over the years the designs on the boxes have changed to keep up with the times. To take cereal back to the good ‘ole days, General Mills Big G is featuring fun “Retro” package designs, vintage cartoons and promotions from the 50s, 60s and 80s. Retro versions of Honey Nut Cheerios®, Cheerios®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Lucky Charms® and Trix® are available at Target stores while supplies last.

Party Topic

Join General Mills and our panel of experts as we discuss Retro Breakfast Memories. The party will be held on Tuesday, March 1 from 9-11 ET (8CT, 7MT, 6PT). Click here for a chance to enter the General Mills Big G Cereals Giveaway.

Party Details

RT @MomItForward Join the @BigGRetro #gno party Tue 3/1 (9-11 ET) 2 chat retro breakfast memories http://bit.ly/eibaKQ #RetroBigG PLS RT

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26 responses to “General Mills Big G Cereals: Tuesday #gno Twitter Party on Retro Breakfast Memories”

  1. Arianah Watts says:

    I will be there 🙂

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  3. MOM4everandever says:

    see you there……….

  4. tiffany ard says:

    i will be there too!!!

  5. Cindy says:

    @bobisyellow will be there

  6. Cindy C. @cin_20 says:

    I’ll be there!

  7. I will do my best to be there if I can get all of my stuff done on time! 🙂

  8. Rusthawk says:

    @rusthawk – see you there!

  9. Eileen says:

    I could not even wonder what my life would be like without our favorite cereals. Growing up in a family of nine kids, even then I knew it was always a good deal for the money. With 6 kids of my own…always a quick fortified breakfast…a great afters chool snack, a box to grab to make quick school treats and SO many queasy mornings and late night grabs when pregnant or to satisfy a sweet tooth without going all crazy. With teens in sports and running out the door at all hours now, it’s something they can have quick to give them energy for practice until they can come home for a family dinner. Big G…stands for (HUGELY) Grateful. Saved by the G many times over!
    So fun to discuss the old commercials and jingles I remember as a little kid and my older kids now remember some too!

  10. jeni herrera says:

    sounds fun!!

  11. Tina says:

    ahouseofboys will be there!!

  12. Elana Kahn says:

    Yay, can’t wait!

  13. Lin says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be fun!

  14. I’m gonna do my best to be there!

  15. Anna says:

    I’ll be there.

  16. Patricia H says:

    Big G cereals have always been a part of my life. I love the Retro boxes. They bring back so many great memories!

  17. Kimberly says:

    Looks like fun!

  18. Mama S says:

    My first #gno party! I’m excited!

  19. Flavia says:

    This is my first GNO party! I’m happy to be here!

  20. @brianswifey05 I will be there

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