Gift Ideas: Easy Spring and Easter Crafts


As mothers, we become obsessed with creating wonderful memories for our children, especially for holidays. I have found a couple of sites that I've featured on Today's Creative Blog in the past that will curl your toes with excitement when it comes to great, simple, and inexpensive craft ideas. The following are two sites that are great resources for Spring and Easter crafts.

All The Small Things

This blog written by Gillian Greding. I featured this blog last year on Today's Creative Blog because I was tickled with all her great ideas. She is the queen at taking a few store bought items and creating the most wonderful gifts. The finished products could be used for Spring gifts, Easter gifts, or creative projects for your children. Gillian has so many great ideas to help you create quick and easy holiday memories.

Gifts in Bags and Jars

I can't bake a good sugar cookie to save my life, let alone decorate it. However, I could buy them and put them in a bag and make it look good so this project is brilliant.

I would reserve this for older children, or you could decorate with them. This would kind of be like an Easter "snow" Globe idea. Wouldn't a string of these bags be cute for a Spring table or across your mantle? The other nice part about this project is that everything was purchased at the local store for $1.00 or less.

Just when I think nothing can beat the last brilliant idea I've seen, it happens. Seriously. Could this be any more simple, but oh so cute? Not only can this be used for Easter, but for any spring event such as a baby shower. Or, forget the bag and just sprinkle the blue M&Ms in a tray or large bowl and place a few rubber duckies on top. Ta da! You've got yourself a darling table topper. You could even place the candies in a fancy cloche or in an apothecary jar. The possibilities are endless!

Creative Stirrings

This is another site that I visit frequently for great ideas that are original, easy, and creative. The woman behind this blog is always filled with so many ideas for craft projects that are simple to complete and always look fabulous.

Easy Easter Table

I fell in love with her darling Easter table decor. The ideas are so cute and simple (well the napkin may take some skill) and are guaranteed to wow your family and friends.

Easter Survival Kit

This other great idea will definitely earn you a few oooh's and awww's. It's the perfect gift to give during this time of year.

Easy Spring Treat

With Spring and Easter being right around the corner, much is to be celebrated. Why not embrace your love for sweets and celebrate the holiday and spring-like weather all at once with these darling treats?

Creating memories for our children doesn't have to be expensive to be perfect. I hope you gained a few ideas. Enjoy!

What are some of your favorite Spring and Easter craft projects?

Kim lives in the Pacific NW near Portland Oregon. She is a busy mom who adores her young son, teaches fitness classes, and loves to decorate. She is the founder of Today's Creative Blog where she features the most creative blogs out there. Her approach is to empower and recognize women for their talents.

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