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GoldieBlox is a toy company founded in 2012 by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer. Their mission is to inspire girls the way Legos and Erector Sets have inspired boys, for over 100 years, to develop an early interest and skill set in engineering. Goldie is the role model our girls have been waiting for to open their minds beyond the pink aisle at the toy store.

GoldieBlox is a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. They have created a book series + construction set that follows the story of Goldie, a kid inventor who loves to build. As you read along, you get to build what Goldie builds using the pieces from the construction set. This leverages girls' love of reading to get them to build their confidence in spatial skills and fall in love with math and science through play.

Now it's time to continue the series. In order to quickly develop the series, GoldieBlox needs to raise $400,000. This will allow them to hire the illustrator and industrial designer as well as put in the production order for the next two book+toys, which will Ruby and Rosie, Goldie's best friends.

GoldieBlox has moved beyond a toy; it is now a movement. A movement to give girls a chance to fall in love with engineering. A movement to show our girls that we know they're more than just princesses. If you feel that your favorite girl is much more than a princess, help catalyze the movement by getting her Goldie and the gang here on Kickstarter and spreading the word!

Also, be sure to mark your calendar and join us on Tuesday, October 9 as we chat with GoldieBlox about STEM education for girls.

The Prizes

This week's giveaway is all about supporting STEM education for girls. One lucky winner will receive a $100 American Express gift card (ARV: $100).

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