Grandpa’s Barn

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There are magical places in the world...

the top of a mountain,

a deserted beach,

a street filled with Christmas lights,

and grandpa's barn.

It is the definition of boy bliss.

It may not look like much from the outside.  It stands alone with gray metal sides, a tin roof and a door large enough to drive a truck through it.

It may not look like much from the inside.  It is filled with things that wouldn't fit into the garage, tools and random garden accessories.

That is where the magical part begins.  It isn't what is seen that is important.  It is what can be made that captivates the visitors of grandpa's barn.

wood on floor of barn

The scraps of wood laying on the floor have potential.  That potential is encouraged through careful use of imagination, nails, hammers, paintbrushes and paint.

The tools hanging on the wall are waiting.  They are waiting to be used by little hands with big ideas.

tools hanging in barn

Grandpa patiently advises as to the best nail for the wood, how to cut this part off, how to hold the spray paint so it doesn't backfire.

And when the sawdust settles, the results are like two are exactly alike.

wooden helicopter made by 5 year old

But it isn't really about the results, although they are carried home to be displayed like trophies, it is about the process.

The process of a boy making tangible a dream with the guidance of his grandfather.

Holly Homer author of June Cleaver Nirvana Holly's three boys aren't the only ones that are captivated by grandpa's barn, grandpa is too.  Grandpa and his barn are responsible for a magnificent tree house, a set of wooden blocks and hours and hours of fun.

Holly is a mom blogger who writes June Cleaver Nirvana and is the founder/editor of She Is Dallas, a website for DFW women.

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