The Grand America Hotel & The Melting Pot Give Moms a Much Needed Time Out


When you think of taking a time out, do you think of a place children go or a space they take when they are in trouble? I know I do. But, isn't the concept behind time outs more about kids needing a break from others, their surroundings, or even you, their mom?

Having some alone time gives perspective, breaks up the routine, and enables kids the opportunity to reflect before jumping back into a situation. And isn't the same true for adults? The only difference is no one is there to force us to take these much needed breaks.

The Grand America Garden Cafe Restaurant Dinner Friends Last weekend, I experienced as close to that as it comes, but it wasn't for being in trouble and it provided 100% of the break that I needed.

The Grand America Hotel and Spa offered me and four of my friends (Carina, Marie, Janet, and Allison) the opportunity to stay at their five-diamond hotel overnight to check out their digs and take advantage of their spa treatments. Then, The Melting Pot, which happened to be located right across the street, offered to treat us to dinner. I'd put myself in time out every day if this is what it would be like! And, the weekend put me just in the right spot to return to life in general better prepared to tackle the upcoming week, be a better mom, and deal with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

The Experience

Three things in particular made this the best time out evah: X

  1. Friends. Sharing common experiences makes life so much richer. When you do that with quality people—people who are uplifting, inspiring, and amazing individuals—it adds to the experience and makes you strive to be a better person as well. While the hotel and restaurant couldn't have provided this element, they did provide an environment where friendship could flourish. The Melting Pot didn't wince when our dinner turned into a 4-hour affair. The servers had personality, accommodated our many and varied requests, and didn't make us feel like we had extended our welcome. The Grand America offered a generous suite and an extended check-out time so we could stay up all night talking and sleep in (and we did both!).
  2. Mmmmm Steamy Dessert at The Melting Pot Food/Drink. The Melting Pot's Alpine Ridge dinner for two (drooling as I think of the cheese fondue!) and The Grand America Garden Restaurant's buffet didn't leave us hungry, but who were we to turn down the welcome basket of treats The Grand America left for us or the sparkling lemonade waiting as we exited our massages? What's a girl to do, right?
  3. Massage. I've had a lot of free massages in my life for one reason or another, so I am comparing apples to apples when I write this next statement. The duet massage at The Grand Spa was the BEST.MASSAGE.OF.MY.LIFE. I don't even know how to put into words what this experience was like. To describe it briefly, two massage therapists work on your body in tandem. Some times, they are doing the exact techniques on opposite sides—one on the right arm, the other on the left, for example. And at other times, they are working together but on different parts of the body—one on the head, the other on the feet. It is a complete trip, a total escape, allowing you to deeply relax. Talk about stress reducing. Suffice it to say that the duet massage was worth every ounce of time spent this weekend and I'm plotting ways to cover the $210 for future appointments (yes! that was plural!).

How You Can Take an Amazing Time Out at a Discount

Rockin Marie from Make and Takes at The Grand America Hotel And right now for the Holidays, The Melting Pot in Salt Lake City, UT is offering an amazing dining deal. Guests who purchase $100 in Gift Cards get a Holiday Gift of four $25 cards that may be used quarterly throughout 2010. But you must come in to the restaurant for purchase, call 521-MELT or email [email protected]. (They have extended Holiday hours!)

And if that's not enough to tempt you, check this out! Use this discount code for your next stay at The Grand America. Follow this link for and exclusive room rate of $100 off! Or mention “Social Media” at the Grand Spa and get 20% off your spa treatment. Hopefully this will help you enjoy a fabulous spa getaway without breaking the bank. Here's to a much needed time out for all of you and a relaxing holiday season!

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