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Do you ever feel like you need a mom makeover? Want to switch up your make up? Wear clothes that don't make you look like a teenager, but at the same time don't make you look like you've been running carpool your whole life?

Hair Extensions - 8 Things You Need to Know First

If you are finding yourself in need of a mom makeover camp, I can relate. Believe me ... I learned the hard way at New York City Fashion Week once (was a total fashion flunkie!).

And now ... my fashion faux pas are all focused on my hair.

I have very fine hair that grows slower than slow and then stops growing just under my shoulders. It's never passed that medium length mark, so I've never known long hair. This is about as long as it gets, folks!

Hair Style Makeover With Hair Extensions - My Longest Hair

To make matters worse, I have four cowlicks where bangs could go, so mixing things up with bangs isn't really an option either. I've gone the color route. I've tried various styles. But I've had to face the fact that with thin, fine hair that won't grow past a certain length, I have limited options. And that's when hair extensions entered the picture.

Three Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

My sister was a hair stylist in a former life and still indulges her family and friends when they come begging. I spelled out my need for a hair makeover and she suggested extensions. After hemming and hawing for months (6 months to be exact), I finally bit the bullet.

Hair Style Makeover With Hair Extensions - Before and After

Whether you prefer the before or the after, here's why you should try hair extensions:

1. If your hair will not grow.

If your hair is like mine and will only grow to a certain point and you'd like your hair to be longer than that, then extensions are the perfect solution plain and simple.

2. If your hair is thin.

If your hair is thin like mine and you want a fuller look, then extensions can help you achieve that.

3. If you want to have an immediate change in hair styles.

Regardless of your hair type, if you want to try something new and don't want to wait for your hair to grow out, extensions can help you go from short to long in a matter of hours.

Five Things to Know About Getting Extensions

1. Choose the right type of extensions for your hair.

Hair Style Makeover With Hair Extensions - How Hair Extensions are Attached Extensions come in many types and styles: synthetic or human hair and tape in, sewed in, glued in, etc. I have human hair and tape-in extensions (see pic on the right). I was a little freaked out to learn that I am wearing someone else's hair, but then I learned that it was from India—one of my favorite places on the planet—that seemed to stop my wondering about whose hair I had taped onto mine.

2. Get a hair dresser with experience.

Extensions are not a simple process. It's time consuming to put them in and after researching hair extensions online, you see tons of "extensions gone bad" types of pics. You definitely want extensions that people think are your real hair, so make sure to do your research before signing on with a specific stylist. Word of mouth is probably your best bet.

3. Be prepared to shell out some cash.

Extensions are pricey. Depending on the market you are in, they may cost well over $1,000 the first time. Then, you'll need to get them redone every 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on how fast your hair grows and the type of extensions you get.

Before you get extensions, identify how much you are currently spending to get your hair done and compare that with the cost of getting and maintaining extensions. Only you will know whether the cost is worth the change. The good news is that if you don't like them or if they are too expensive to maintain, you can always have them removed.

4. Be prepared to spend a lot more time on your hair.

If you've never had long or full hair before, get ready for your beauty routine to change. I have gone from washing my hair every other day to every 2-3 days. If I air dry my hair, it takes a minimum of 3 hours to dry compared with an hour pre-extensions. If I blow dry it, it takes nearly 45 minutes compared to the 7-10 minutes it used to take. In addition, you now have to add in time to do it. I used to spend 2-3 minutes flat ironing my hair and now plan on about 20-30 minutes to flat iron or curl it. Having your local salon blow it out for you is an awesome option, but of course, it also increases the cost of doing your hair. I never realized how easy I had it!

5. Most importantly, be prepared to have lots of fun!

Just like anything new, extensions are fun. Take advantage of them by wearing fun styles and loving your long locks. I am a little gun shy when it comes to styling. Flat ironing or curling my hair is enough for me. My friend keeps telling me to pull part of it back, put it up in one of those fancy up dos you see all over Pinterest. Someday! And probably by my sister and not me for a special occasion.

 What is the boldest thing you've ever done with your hair? Cut? Color? Extensions?

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