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Nicole Feliciano from Mom Trends asked a fabulous question a few months ago, a question that immediately stumped me: "Which celebrity best defines your personal style?" What would your answer be?

I certainly love some celebrities' style. Like Audrey Hepburn. So simple, clean, and beautiful—Ann Taylor-esque. That used to be me when I worked in Corporate America. But, it definitely doesn't define me now.

I now find myself in kind of a hodge-podge state, wondering what my style is period. Can any of you work-at-home gals relate? It's like I have multiple style personalities:

  • The work-at-home attire
  • The going-out-during-the-day look (to meet a client, lunch with friends, etc.)
  • The cocktail-party style

My Work-at-Home Attire

When I'm behind the computer for 10 hours straight, I'm all about the comfy factor. And to achieve that, some days, I relish in the whole layered look. Layered meaning wearing two t-shirts—one with short sleeves and the other with long sleeves to go underneath the top layer. Aren't two always better than one... except in summer?

As the perfect companion to this double tee look, whenever I can get away with it, I wear my favorite Old Navy flip flops. You know the kind? They're on sale for usually about $5.00 and are probably the worst shoes ever for your feet, but are so comfy you just can't help yourself? I made the mistake of all fashion mistakes by wearing them with socks earlier this winter. I know! Horrible, right? But, I just can't seem to get into winter this year and some days it was just too cold to go out without my socks on. I embarrassed even myself and put a stop to it!

Since this hasn't been my look until recently, I only have about one pair of jeans, so I pretty much wear the same pair all the time. My sis made me buy some Target jeans yesterday. The jury is out on whether they really look good or whether she was just being kind. I'll have to show Allison, because she'll be honest with me. Everyone needs an Allison in their fashion life!

My Going-Out-During-the-Day Look

Because I'm not a comfy dresser at my core, unless I'm really lazy (which happens a lot, but don't let it confuse you), I love looking somewhat put together when I go out during the day. I'll be straight up with you. I love black. I would wear monochrome black all the day long paired with bold MAC eye shadow just so people didn't think I was trying to copy Johnny Cash. However, wearing monochrome black all the time gets old. So, now, I wear all black with bold wool tights (like my favorite mustard colored ones from H&M).

My Cocktail-Party Style

This next part is what stumps me and this is where the hodge-podge style comment comes into play. I love getting dressed up for an event! I seriously die for cocktail party attire even if it requires walking really slow as I learn how to move from $5.00 flip flops to three-inch heels. I like pretty dresses, fun tights, and getting as close to my dream of being 5'9 as possible. Red lipstick and bold MAC eyeshadow is the icing on the cake... or fun short hair with awesome highlights.

Why does this stump me? Because I can't find a common thread among all three looks. I don't feel overly conservative or comfy, but I don't feel really bold in my style either.

Which Celebrity Defines My Personal Style?

So, which celebrity most closely defines my comfy behind-the-computer look with a simple, but nice go-out-during-the-day look with a fun style that pops for cocktail parties? You tell me!

What celebrity most closely defines your style? Do you like to dress up, or are you more comfortable with the casual look?

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