Family Fun: How to Have Fun With Your Kids

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Play—Every now and then there are these moments when your child is home from school (be it vacation or sickness) and all his/her friends are away. In cases like this, you are the person that will have to keep your child entertained. Not many parents are used to indulging in typical children's activities, but they need to remember that nothing strengthens the child-parent bond better than playing together. There are dozens of things you can play with your child, you just need imagination.

How to Have Fun with Your Children- Kids Activities

How to Have Fun With Your Kids

1. Make Wall Art

You know how kids tend to scribble all over the walls whenever you are not in the room? This time, however, you will be doing it together. Of course, you won't be painting over the new wallpaper. Rather, hang a large sheet of banner paper in to make the ideal canvas.

2. Learning Activities

Do something that will not only entertain your child but will also teach him/her a thing or two. Try encyclopedias, history channels, and the internet. Who knows, even you might learn something new. If your child is younger, teach him/her the colors, how to read, write, count, etc.

3. Play Super Heroes

Why not be the next Batman and Robin? The hero and his/her faithful sidekick. Just grab a pair of scissors, old pieces of fabric, glue, and some masking tape and start designing your costumes. The injustices you will be fighting against? The messy living room, the dirty bathroom, the dishes that need to be done ... The enemies are everywhere!

4. Turn the Living Room into a Movie Theater

Go to the local video store, let your child pick a movie (or why not make it a double-feature?) and head back to the family cinema. Turn the lights off and the volume up. Microwave some popcorn and make yourselves as comfortable as possible. On the other hand, if the weather allows it, you can turn your backyard into a drive-in. Even if you don't have a digital projector, you can simply place the TV set on a table and start your movie evening!

5. Learn How to Surf

To surf the internet, that is. Nowadays, kids are even more tech savvy than their moms and dads. However, when it comes to the internet, you will need to teach them a thing or two. There is proper internet behavior and things to look out for when browsing the net. Your kid needs to know all about this.

6. Go Camping

No need to get the pickup ready for an off-road drive. Simply pack your backpack with a tent and other essentials and head to the backyard. You can even build a small campfire. However, do keep it small in order to prevent fires. Actually, a charcoal grill will do, too. You just need some flames to help you prepare those delicious marshmallows. And do not forget the flashlight, which will come in handy when it is time for scary ghost stories.

7. Cook Together

Your kid wants a tasty dessert? You don't necessarily need to go to the store to get one, just put on an apron and head to the kitchen. A homemade cake is sure to make your day better.

8. Water Fun

If it is summer, you know what you need to do. Put your swimsuits on, get the hose and turn your backyard into an aquapark. You can even make your own slip 'n' slide. You will need nothing more than a big piece of plastic tarp and lots of dish soap. The fun is guaranteed.

9. Go on a Treasure Hunt

In advance, hide a certain object (the booty) somewhere in the house. Draw a treasure map with obscure directions (so that the hunt is a bit more difficult) to find the treasure. You will feel like modern day pirates.

The options of having fun with your child are endless. You just need a little imagination. Remember, kids are pretty easy to entertain. And they also love and appreciate it when their parents are the ones they share the fun with.

 Why type of things do you like to do with your kids? How do you find ways to connect?

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