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HIV/AIDS Awareness: Rock Your Red Pumps This Weekend

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When was the last time you had a meaningful excuse to dress up in those sexy red pumps hidden away in your closet? Well it’s time to pull them out and throw them on in honor of women everywhere suffering from the life-changing illness of AIDS.

Leading ladies Karyn Watkins and Luvvi Ajayi founded The Red Pump Project in 2009 an enthusiastic non-profit organization which has tirelessly worked to raise awareness both online, and through a series of awesome events around the country. Their focus is a call to arms, or a “call to pumps”, on National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day which occurs annually on March 10. The Red Pump Project uses red shoes to get the attention of women everywhere, because “Every 47 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States.” It is about time more people knew, because when one of us is infected, all of us are affected.


Rock the red pumps - red high heels

How you can get involved and Rock Your Red Pumps

This weekend is a call to action. These influential ladies are asking for women and girls across the United States to stand up for Women’s HIV/AIDS Awareness by putting on your hottest pair of red shoes on March 10, and sharing a picture of you rocking them on Facebook and Twitter. Or, sharing one of their badges across your social networks and using the hashtag #RocktheRedPump.

You can also #RocktheRedPump by participating in Twitter chats throughout March or by joining them for Red Pump events in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, and Washington D.C. around NWGHAAD.

We at Mom It Forward encourage you to show that you care about HIV/AIDS wellness and awareness by spreading the word to your friends about this extraordinary event. I know I am ready to rock my red pumps this weekend.

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