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Nothing says Christmas like receiving handmade Christmas cards. For my daughter's second Christmas, I was incredibly excited to create gifts that would melt her grandparents's hearts since non of them live close by. I came up with something that was messy, sparkly, eye catching, and exciting for her to get involved in. Making homemade cards also provided some sort of educational experience for my 22 months old artist.

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Creating a Handmade Christmas Cards

Items needed for card #1

  • Cardboard
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Gold, silver and Red Paint
  • Sea Salt
  • Clear plastic lid (I used lid from sour cream)


  • Paint the palm of your child's hand with desired colour and apply on card board to create Christmas tree.
  • Dip your child's finger in paint and paint star on the top of tree.
  • Cut pictures out of old Christmas cards and let your child glue them on the card.
  • After paint is dry, cut face of your child's photo and glue it on front of the card.
  • Sprinkle some sea salt on picture and glue plastic lid on top.
  • Decorate front of the card with pictures from old cards.
  • Dip child's fingers into the silver paint and make snowflakes on the front of the card.

Handmade Christmas Cards

Items needed for Card #2

  • Cardboard
  • Christmas Stamps
  • Pretty Stickers
  • Gold, Silver, and Red paint
  • Ribbons to match paint


  • Print out a picture of your child's Christmas picture.
  • Glue it to your card.
  • Cut a frame to go around the photo.
  • Glue Ribbons around the car.
  • Let your child decorate the back of the card with Christmas stamps and stickers.
  • Dip child's fingers into the paint and make fingerprints on the front of the card.

This whole experience allowed my daughter to practice hand control and hand-eye coordination. She also learned designing skills by putting stickers on card, fine motor and senatorial skills when painting with fingers. I think at the end we both were quite happy with our first handmade Christmas cards.

Handmade Christmas Cards

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What crafts are you making this holiday season?

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