Homeschooling Through the Holidays


Homeschooling as the holidays get closer can be challenging. There is so much to do and so little time. If your kids are as antsy as you are to leave the daily schedule behind there are some easy ways you can change up your days to make them a little more fun as the holidays approach.

How to make homeschooling fun at Christmas

1. Decorate your classroom- Wherever your designated homeschool space is, take a few minutes to decorate it for the holidays and surprise your kids. Streamers from the door and a few decorations on the table can make a big difference. Or you can incorporate decorating the room into your day, letting the kids join in the fun.

2. Holiday-themed activities- No matter what you are working on, you can probably find a way to give it a holiday twist. Add stockings or measure Christmas treats for a math lesson or experiment with some red and green goop for science. Mom It Forward has all kinds of great ideas you can add to your lesson plan.

3. Dress up day- My kids love to dress up in costumes and play pretend, and one of my favorite things about homeschooling is that they can "come as they are" every day. Pick a day to let the kids dress up as Santa or the elves or work on a Christmas skit. Anything that changes up the day a bit can refresh everyone.

Homeschooling during the holidays - festive dress up is a ton of fun.

4. Let them help- There is SO much to do as they holidays get closer and there's no reason the kids can't help. Incorporate things like wrapping presents into their lesson plan. Hand out the rulers, let them measure and wrap and fold to see what kids of shapes they can make. They can also work on a few handmade gifts for art class. Here are a few of our favorites.

5. Relax- Every classroom takes things a bit slower around the holidays, adding in extra time for holiday parties and Christmas crafts. Give yourself and your kids a little break this December. You have the whole rest of the school year to cover all of your lesson plans!

How do you celebrate the holidays in your homeschool classroom?

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