House Cleaning: 5 Tips to Getting Your Home in Shape

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5 tips to get your house in shape The New Year is officially underway, and so are New Years Resolutions. Besides all of the New Year goals to lose weight and get in shape, it’s not uncommon to find resolutions to get the house in shape. Getting organized and managing the home more efficiently are both on my list of to-dos for 2011, but keeping on top of the house work can be as much effort as finding the motivation to exercise regularly. Both are, at the core, an issue of self-discipline and commitment.

I am not an expert in home management. While I could use some help being more organized, planning well-balanced meals, and teaching my kids to be more responsible around the house, I have discovered a few tips during my 14 years as a mom that have helped me stay on top of the more important things.

And tips were meant to be shared.

5 Tips to Staying on Top of House Cleaning

  1. Put things away. Every time you leave a room, carry one or two things with you that belong somewhere else. Don’t just move them. Put them away.
  2. Schedule your cleaning. Make a list of cleaning tasks that you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly. And then put them on the calendar. If you need to mop the floor once a week, pick a day and stick with a schedule. Similarly, if a task needs to be repeated every day, find a time that works and keep to a schedule.
  3. Assign “zones” to family members. This is one situation where having a big family pays big. Each person has an area or two of the house that they are responsible for. That doesn’t mean that one child is stuck cleaning the play room on their own, but it does mean that each family member is accountable. Everyone must take responsibility for keeping the house clean. If you need additional help with floor cleaning, click here to hire floor cleaners and ensure every corner of your home stays spotless.
  4. Reduce the clutter. Minimize what you have out in each room. Even when clutter is “organized” it still makes a room look messy. “Hide” toys in bins and on shelves, pick only your favorite photos and trinkets to display on shelves, and maximize on empty floor and wall space.
  5. Organize! Keep the tools (cleaning supplies, brooms, rags, etc) where they are used. If you regularly need to clean the upstairs bathroom mirror it makes sense to store window cleaner in the bathroom. Buy another bottle for the kitchen, or anywhere else that window cleaner is used.

What are some of your tips for keeping your house in good shape?

Lolli Lolli is a mother of five who believes that kids can do more than they lead us to believe. So she puts her kids to work cleaning and cooking as much as possible, reassuring them the whole while that they will thank her for it someday. When the kids are at school, Lolli spends her time writing on her blog, Better in Bulk, tweeting, and editing pictures from her latest photo shoots.

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