How to Get Holiday Gifts You’ll Love


If you’re like most women, you’re wondering why you would ever have to figure out how to get holiday gifts like Delta Sigma Theta gifts you’ll surely love. I mean, why aren’t the gift givers in your life figuring that out for you, right? You may also want to consider visiting a helpful place similar to if you'd like to get holiday gifts for you and your loved ones!

But, raise your hand if you have ever woken up on Christmas morning, excited to find the perfect gifts under the tree from the love of your life and your children—you know, the handmade or store-bought presents wrapped so beautifully that just one look at the perfectly placed bow communicates how much you are loved and appreciated—only to find nothing close to the holiday gifts you’ve always dreamed of. And you sit there and wonder why.

How to Get Holiday Gifts You'll Love

How to Get Holiday Gifts You’ll Love: 5 Tips to Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season

Whether we’re talking anniversary, birthday, or holiday gifts, many women yearn for their loved ones to discover on their own the gifts they’ve always been dreaming of. Furthermore, they love them to go to great lengths to find the perfect brand and deal on said items. Somehow, this process of figuring out and securing the perfect gift equates to love.

If you have found yourself in this category, please realize that such hopes and expectations often lead to disappointment, ruining what otherwise could be the most momentous days of the year.

Dropping clues, being subtle, and pointing things out throughout the year while out shopping with your loved typically don’t result in you getting the things you would truly love for Christmas. In fact, your loved ones, who really do love you, most often miss all of your hints. So, instead of hoping they’ll one day wake up and see the signs and figure out how to get holiday gifts you’ll love, simply follow this list and you’ll never be disappointed with another single gift again.

1. Identify Your Love Language

The first step to knowing how to get holiday gifts you’ll love is short and simple: Determine your love language.

how-to-get-holiday-gifts-youll-love_text-overlay The perfect gift means different things to different people. Not everyone likes to open gifts or prefers to receive products. Before you can identify how to get holiday gifts you’ll love, you need to figure out whether you:

  • Love opening packages and getting products
  • Prefer spending quality time with those that matter most to you
  • Get the most energy from giving to or connecting others
  • Are the recipient of service

Knowing your love language will help you determine the types of gifts you most like to receive.

2. Determine the Types of Gifts You Most Like to Receive

Once you know your love language, you can identify gifts that would make the biggest difference to you.

If you like products, for example, determine which kind you like most. Are you into tech gadgets? Do you like to receive clothes? Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you like big ticket items or lots of smaller gifts?

If you prefer spending quality time with those most meaningful in your life, then date night packages or family night gift baskets may make the perfect present.

If making a difference in others’ lives is truly what moves you, perhaps getting the opportunity to do a humanitarian service project with those you love most would speak to you.

If you love being the recipient of service, getting coupons from your kids for things like taking over the laundry for a week or cooking Sunday dinner for a month or giving you a shoulder rub could be the best gift you’ve ever received.

Regardless of the gift, matching your love language with products, ideas, and/or opportunities will help you know how to get holiday gifts you’ll love.

3. Do Your Research

Leaving research up to the gift giver is a little bit like playing gift getting Russian Roulette. You’ll take your chances on getting just what you want. Instead, ensure your own gift-receiving happiness by investing a little time in researching just the right brands, services, opportunities, and even prices. A place like Consumer Reports, known for its product ratings and reviews, is a great place to start.

The Consumer Reports Holiday Gift Guide not only is a great one-stop shop for amazing product recommendations, but also shares timely tips, addressing a variety of holiday topics. Just a sampling of recommendations and topics you can find when you visit the online gift guide include:

  • Best Small Appliances for Holiday Gifts
  • Secrets to Stree-Free Flying
  • 7 Great Gadgets for Holiday Food Prep
  • Cleaning Up Common Holiday Messes
  • 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
  • Prep Your Car for a Holiday Road Trip
  • Tips for Giving Gift Cards

And this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only does Consumer Reports have a comprehensive gift guide, but it also has a Daily Gift Guide, featuring a gift of the day from thousands of products reviews. My favorite thing about the Daily Gift Guide is that it shares a few stores you can buy the product at along with the price at each location.

Time saving tip! While you’re checking out the Consumer Reports Holiday Gift Guide, check out the 7 Great Tech Gifts for Kids. Coupling research for your own gifts with the gifts you want to buy others can save a lot of time.

4. Write Down Your Holiday Gift List

There are three keys to knowing how to get holiday gifts you’ll love once your research is complete:

  1. Determine your budget.
  2. Identify who will be providing you with a gift that needs to know what you want (e.g., spouse, children, siblings).
  3. Write a list in order of priority (which holiday gifts you’d most like to receive), providing myriad options. Do not include anything on your list that you do not want to receive.

5. Share Your List With Your Loved Ones

Once you have written your list, segment it into multiple lists if applicable—one for each person who will be providing you with a gift, and then share it with the gift givers in your life.

Helpful tip! If you fall into the trap of thinking that asking for what you want is wrong or worse, shaming yourself for doing it, refrain from those behaviors. Unless you love being surprised and are happy just at the thought of someone thinking about you and giving you a gift, then knowing and following the steps in this post for how to get holiday gifts you’ll love will bring you greater holiday cheer than you’ve ever imagined. What’s more? Those you love will be happier too as they breathe easier not having to guess what you want or sense your disappointment when you didn’t hit the mark. Everyone’s happy when mom’s happy, right?

What are your tips for how to get holiday gifts you’ll love?

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