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Kids Craft: Decorating Easter Eggs

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Every year I like to create fun memories by decorating Easter eggs with my kids. This year I started a new tradition of not using the usual dye kit and instead came up with my own. It was a huge hit with all of my 5 kids who range in age from 14 – 7 years old. The biggest problem I had was them eating the hard boiled eggs before I could get pictures of their creative work!

Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs from

Decorating Easter Eggs


  • Alphabet stickers
  • Color coding labels for dots
  • Foil star labels
  • Kool-Aid for the dye
  • Bling stickers

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We tried a new kind of egg dye with Kool-aid and it turned out quite well. I emptied packets of different flavored Kool-aid that represented different colors into 4 cups of water that gave us 4 dye colors. I stirred the packets into the water until it was dissolved. The Kool-aid smells sweet and was a fun twist that was so much better than vinegar'based dyes that we usually use.

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The kids got busy placing their initials on their eggs with the alphabet stickers and making sure they were rubbed on really well. They also spelled out words like Easter with the letters.

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The labeling dots and stars they used to create different patterns and shape designs on their eggs before placing the eggs in the dye.

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After pulling the eggs out of the dye cups we let them dry off in an egg carton. When they were dry the kids used the bling jewel stickers to decorate even further giving their eggs the final touch.

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I used a coffee filter and shredded green paper grass for their cute decorated eggs to nest in. My children seemed to have had a lot more fun creating their egg masterpieces this year, and they really enjoyed eating them too!

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs?

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    Great post! I think I’ll try the Kool-Aid this year, and I have TONS of fun stickers to put on the eggs. Great idea!!

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