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When it comes to kids, their room is their sanctuary. It can determine who they are. So, I thought it might be fun to create a plaque that kids can make with their favorite things to hang on their door. And, I added their name with a clothespin so people can leave special messages and notes on the door.

The best part is that this kids carft can be altered for any age — from small kids to teenagers. My kids range in age from 7 to 18 so it was fun to come up with an idea the all of my kids loved.

We used Mod Podge for this project from Plaid. Can I just say that I am a huge fan of Mod Podge? I have been using it for years, for all kinds of fun projects. And lately there have been so many new kinds of Mod Podge that have come out on the market. So, when Plaid sent me their new Mod Podge sampler pack, we had such a fun time playing around with it in making this new craft.

How To Make Personalized Mod Podge Plaques

My kids loved making this project. Here's what we did:


I found some oval plaques at the Dollar Store. The other materials needed are the following:

  • Paint
  • Magazines
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon
  • Sticker letters
  • Smaller oval wood piece for the name
  • Little button embellishments (optional).


  1. Have kids pick out their favorite color of paint and paint the board and the smaller oval wood piece.
  2. Allow the paint to dry. In the meantime, have the kids cut out some pictures from magazines that they love.
  3. Place the pictures on their plaque so they could see where they wanted them to go.
  4. Apply Mod Podge to the pictures in order to attach them to the wood.
  5. Add a layer of Sparkle Mod Podge just for fun.
  6. Paint the clothespin and add their name with foam letters.
  7. Place a dab of hot glue onto the clothespin in order to attach it to the board and then the smaller oval wood piece with the name on top of the clothespin.
  8. Add some ribbon to the top of the plaque.

My 16 year-old daughter and her friend even wanted to make boards. It was so fun seeing them having a great time putting them together!

We used 3M hooks to hang the boards onto their bedroom doors. That way they can easily take the hooks off whenever they want without damaging the door. I love 3M products!

I loved seeing all of the different plaques. They really showed the loves of the kids' that made them!

How do you help your kids personalize their bedrooms?

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