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Summer-of-Service-Challenge_Week-13_Famous-Footwear_Make-Today-Unexpected Do you ever feel that one day runs into the next without a lot of difference between them? This week's Summer of Service challenge, sponsored by Famous Footwear, is about making this week—starting with today!—unexpected. Here are 11 ways to do that. If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments!

  1. Make today loud by screaming with excitement when good things happen.
  2. Make today pop by wearing bold colors.
  3. Make today frisky by... well, I'll leave that up to you 😉 .
  4. Make today playful by flirting with your spouse.
  5. Make today lyrical by playing and bringing classical music to life in your home and making up and telling fun stories to your children about what the music means.
  6. Make today glamorous by being beautiful on the inside!
  7. Make today fearless by stepping outside your comfort zone to serve someone you may not know well or at all.
  8. Make today heroic by being someone's hero in whatever way they need to be saved, served, or made to feel special.
  9. Make today huge by making a triple batch of cookies and surprising your kids with some when they walk in the door from school, sharing some with your neighbors, and giving some to your friends as a thank you just for being in your life.
  10. Make today electric by shocking someone. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while. Drop in on someone unexpectedly just to let them know you care about them. Do something for yourself that you don't typically do that will make you feel really good.
  11. Make today dangerous by taking a leap of faith. Only you know what that will be, but do it. You know you've been wanting to for a while. Don't hold back!

These ideas were prompted by this fun video by Famous Footwear!

How Will You Give to Others This Week?

  • What other ideas do you have for making today unexpected?
  • What are things that get in the way of adding variety between the days in your week?
  • What are ways to overcome these challenges?
  • How has making today unexpected made a meaningful difference for you? For others?

How Else Can You Make a Difference This Summer?

Make a meaningful difference this summer by taking the Summer of Service (SOS) Challenge. Here's how you can participate:

  • Commit to do one act of kindness/service based on the week's challenge.
  • Leave a comment with ideas relating to the week's challenge as well as your experience(s) performing it.
  • Grab the SOS button in the sidebar and put it on your blog or social networking site.
  • Enter to win each week's giveaway. Click here to check out this week's prize from Famous Footwear.
  • Click here to join #gno this Tuesday on Twitter to connect with other Mom It Forward moms about the challenge.
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An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related. In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies. Offline, Jyl is married to @TroyPattee; a mom to two teen boys and a beagle named #Hashtag; loves large amounts of cheese, dancing, and traveling; and lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Topping her bucket list is the goal to visit 50 countries by the time she's 50.


18 responses to “Make Today Unexpected”

  1. Our little town had a visit from the 70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz hot air balloon. My three year old daughter and I did #1 above and screamed out loud with excitement when we saw it and when the operator released the fire. So fun!

  2. Ginny says:

    I’m making today special by surprising the kids with brownies!

  3. icefairy says:

    Make today unexpected by painting a pink ribbon on my refrigerator

  4. sarasophia says:

    I think challenging ourselves to make the most of each day is so important. When we fail to make each moment count, we really aren’t LIVING. I commit to singing louder, making more cookies, and believing in the impossible.

    Thanks for the inspiration Famous Footwear ÷ Mom It Forward<3

    (and so far my husband says thank you in a most sarcastic way–regarding the singing:P)

    <3 sarasophia

  5. shawn says:

    I took the challenge this week. I made today unexpected. I have the sos button up at

  6. Jen says:

    made today unexpected by surprising my 9 yr old by coming to lunch at her school!

  7. […] link is being shared on Twitter right now. @jylmomif said Check out fun ways to #maketodayfamous: […]

  8. angela hood says:

    Like this post. I might just do multiple items today, but I am def doing the cookies and sharing them idea. Then I might do the do something for yourself idea and EAT some of the cookies, too! HA!! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Phillips says:

    Made today unexpected by having my brakes on my car fail and I avoided the accident YAY

  10. MCharity says:

    Make today unexpected by taking my mom shopping.

  11. Naddez says:

    I made today special by taking my husband & teens out to eat.

  12. Tricia says:

    I an going to take the leap of faith. In addition I am going to be sure and tell my family I love them and give them hugs.

  13. Carol says:

    I’m taking my son to buy a video game, just for being a great son!

  14. Dddiva says:

    Great post- I will make today unexpected by surprising an old friend with an e-card.

  15. I made today pop by wearing one of my favorite colors, orange!

  16. Beth says:

    Our family is in a tough situation right now since the economy is so bad. It’s great to remember to keep pushing forward. There is always a tomorrow if you want one! I’ve learned in my life that optimism can be key! 🙂

  17. I took Lil Man’s Christmas money with me last night when I went shopping. He woke up this morning to a bunch of new toys – Unexpected.

    It really made my day to see his excitement!!

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