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Megan Faulkner Brown “Bakes a Difference” Against Bullying

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Megan Faulkner Brown has one sweet job. She is the founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a confectionary known for its delectable cupcakes and cakebites. A relatively new shop, it has seen great growth over the past few years, developing from a basement business to a franchise of nine stores (primarily in Utah and Arizona) in nine years. A big boost to that growth came when Megan was featured on Rachael Ray once three years ago and then again in March of this year. An even bigger boost, to both Megan's business and her chosen cause of anti-bullying, came when she and her lead baker won Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Now she "pays it forward" as she bakes.

It takes a conscious effort for anyone to take some time or profit away, however large or small, from a growing business. Yet that's what Megan does.  The Sweet Tooth Fairy will be donating twenty-five cents from every “Cupcake Wars” cupcake sold in its shops to the Safe to Talk Foundation. "These proceeds," says Megan, "help place SchoolTipline in schools, an anonymous texting service that allows students to report dangerous behavior without fear of retaliation from peers. This resource has already been instrumental in preventing acts of violence—large and small." The cupcake flavors with which they won the competition—Cranberry Wine and Brie Cheesecake, Sweet Potato Pie, Creme Brulee, and Nutella Crepe—will be available in Sweet Tooth Fairy stores over the next two months, with the first two featured throughout April, and Creme Brulee and Nutella Crepe debuting in May.

In addition, Megan provides and encourages donations of products and gift certificates to local community and non-profit organizations through their ongoing Bake a Difference initiative. She says, “It seems like all of the opportunities I’ve had in my life occur because of the good graces and kindness of others. So, in essence, I want to bake it forward. The Bake a Difference initiative provides a way for all of us with The Sweet Tooth Fairy to express our love, appreciation and gratitude for everything we have.”

When asked why she chooses bullying as a cause to rally against, she replies, "I wasn't bullied in high school, but I definitely witnessed it." It's a seminal kind of issue, she says, one that can lead to greater problems in the lives of both the bullies and the bullied. So nipping it in the bud is important not only for the protection of current students, but for her four young children and future students.

Like Jessie Funk, who we featured recently, Megan Faulkner Brown has found a way to connect her unique baking talents with a way to help the vulnerable. That's all any of us can do, when it comes down to it: share a little bit of what makes you special with others.

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