Mobile App: How to Use Ringya to Organize Your Contacts

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Mobile Apps—Have you ever wished that list of contacts from your daughter’s soccer team was in your smart phone instead of tacked to the door of your fridge? Have you ever wondered if the “Jim Jefferson” showing up on your caller ID is a contact from an important client or your son’s friend’s dad?

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If you’ve wondered if there’s an easier way to create contact lists and categorize contacts by context, it turns out there’s an app for that: Ringya. It’s the first iPhone app that lets you transform a paper contact list to digital form effortlessly and create specific contact lists for classes, teams, work, clients, associations, and pretty much anything else. Best of all, it’s free.

How to Use Ringya to Organize Your Contacts

Create contact lists.

Take a photo of a paper list and convert it to digital mobile contacts simply by snapping the picture. Upload digital contact lists via email or get a contact list created by someone else by just accepting an invitation to join a list (“Ring”).

Instantly organize groups to enable easy sharing, updating and communication.

Organize information by “Rings” so you can quickly share lists with other group members. Automatically get updates when anyone in the group changes contact info. Email, text, or call members.

Categorize contacts by how they fit into your world.

Keep track of contacts by their relationship to you with contextual caller ID: When someone calls, the caller ID tells you who they are with relevant info, e.g., “Joe Reynolds, Aiden’s dad” or “Jane Carr, CEO of BuyMax.”

With Ringya, you don’t have to enter contact lists into your iPhone one at a time, so you’re more likely to have the information you need at your fingertips to find out if soccer practice is cancelled or to reach a coworker to discuss tomorrow’s presentation. Importing a list is as simple as snapping a photo or emailing a directory, so you won’t need help from IT.

Contextual caller ID lets you answer your phone with confidence since you’ll know who is calling and how they fit into your life. Ringya is a completely secure system that protects users and list members—there is no third-party information distribution ever. And it’s free. For more details, check out the Ringya app preview at the iTunes store.

Do you organize the contacts in your phone? What method do you use?

Gal Nachum believes technology is meant to simplify day-to-day tasks. He has dedicated his career to offering fun and accessible solutions that bestow order on our increasingly complex lives. In addition to his role as Ringya’s co-founder and CEO, Nachum was the driving force behind a number of tech start-ups, including Unipier Mobile Ltd., Cash-U Mobile Technologies Ltd., and Mobix Communications Ltd.

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