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Summertime for my family, like most families, is busy. We have weddings, BBQs, graduation parties, pool parties ... the list goes on. We try to desperately fit as much outdoor time into a few short months as possible. The children stay up later catching fire flies, roasting marshmallows, and making dandelion crowns! We sleep in; yes, sometimes mom, too! I’m all about relishing the long summer days, joyous childhood giggles, dirty feet, and sticky faces.

Summer Eco-Friendly Tips

Make the most of your summer with some of these eco-friendly tips:

Make Ice Cream in a Bag

It’s simple, cheap, and fun to make! Plus, you’ll teach the kids a little something about chemistry. The bag isn’t exactly eco-friendly but rinse, reuse, or recycle! Check out this simple recipe and I promise the kids will have a blast doing this and eating their creation!

DIY Bug Spray

Worried about chemicals on your child’s skin? Or are you more worried about the nasty bug bites and the itchy, crying child? Using a clean spray bottle, mix 12 tablespoons of olive oil with one and half tablespoons of any of these smell great essential oils: lavender, lemongrass, or citronella—all of which are available at your local health food store and are great for warding off bugs! Shake the mixture up and spray.

The kids will smell good and the bugs will stay far away! Feel free to mix the essential oils for a combination and find what smell you like best. I personally favor the lavender! Inexpensive and easy to make! For another great recipe check out Wellness Mama’s DIY buy repellent.

Ditch the A.C. and Sleep Outside!

When it’s really hot, we grab the sleeping bags and sleep on the trampoline! The safety netting keeps the bugs out and the cool breeze is refreshing. We lie under the stars and tell stories and before I know it, we’re all fast asleep. It is surprisingly comfortable!

What are some simple things you do to stay green during the summer?

For more great tips, visit my blog Green and Clean Mom. You can also read to your children My Mommy is a Blogger, a colorful illustrated children’s book that explains the profession of blogging to children! Great for bloggers, teachers, and others who are curious about what moms who blog do all day!

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