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Model Homes: The Perfect Family Outing

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Family Fun—In this economy where fewer and fewer people are qualifying for home loans, how can a home builder get 30,000 people through its model home doors?

Bangerter Homes, a Utah home building company, figured out how by building a full-size replica of the house from the Disney movie Up!


From Bangerter Home's website:

Staying true to the time line in the movie, this turn of the century period home will be decorated to reflect the 1950’s era, which today is commonly referred to as “Retro”. From the interior finishes, kitchen design to the furniture and accessories, great care has been exercised to achieve a fun and fresh nostalgic atmosphere. “If you have seen it in the movie, You”ll see it in real life in he home,” said Adam Bangerter.

@TroyPattee and I love touring model homes, so yesterday, we were looking for a family outing idea and decided this would be perfect.

We used to go on Sunday drives each week when we were first married and check out all the new neighborhoods and walk through the various homes on display. We liked one custom home in Toronto. If you also want to have a home construction in Toronto, make sure to contact professional construction groups. In those days, we knew at some point we would move and were looking for home builders, neighborhoods, and homes we liked.

Fast forward to 10 years later. We have two boys, ages 8 and 10—one who keeps reminding us that certain activities aren't fit for tweens. So, keeping their interest piqued is a challenge.  But visiting the Up house met that challenge and then some.

Chase playing in the retro kitchen...

And Connor's favorite room...

If you're in the area and are looking for fun design ideas, a fun family outing, or just to get a little piece of Disney without having to jet off to California or Florida, head west to Herriman and visit the Up house.

What do you like to do for fun family outings and entertainment?

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