Mom It Forward and Walmart Partner for Empowering Women Together


How can you support women worldwide? That's easy. Shop at Walmart. As part of a corporate commitment to empower women worldwide to build better lives for themselves and their families, Walmart announced the launch of Empowering Women Together, an online destination that gives shoppers who want to buy unique and interesting products the opportunity to do so while supporting small women-owned businesses around the world.


With each purchase, consumers lift and empower the women behind these products to create new jobs and improve both their own lives and the lives of their families and communities. At launch, Empowering Women Together will offer more than 200 items from 19 businesses in nine countries. Products include jewelry from Peru, Rwanda, Kenya and the U.S.; home accessories from Rwanda and Haiti; paper mache from Haiti, apparel and accessories from Rwanda; iPad and laptop cases from Cambodia and Nepal; coffee and tea sets sourced globally and made in America; and specialty foods made in America and Canada.


Mom It Forward Partners With Walmart

Since Mom It Forward is all about empowering women, we, along with 50 social media influencers from the Mom It Forward Network, were beyond excited to partner with Walmart to spread the word about Empowering Women Together.

Empowering Women Together is an element of Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic 5-year commitment through 2016 to source $20 billion from women-owned businesses. How are the Mom It Forward Social Media Influencers spreading the word about this empowerment? They took the material, wrote a post in support of the empowerment, and shouted from the rooftops (or Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc.) about all that Walmart is doing to help empower women.

If you want to check out the posts, tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, etc., please be sure to follow the #empowerwomen hashtag and see all the good that's going on in social media in support of this campaign.

Join the Mom It Forward Social Media Influencer Network

If you want to take part in campaigns like this and you're not part of the Mom It Forward Social Media Influencer Network yet, please be sure to sign up by clicking the button below! We look forward to working with you!


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