New York City Fashion Week: 8 Simple Style Tips for Moms

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As a mom, do you ever struggle to find the balance between style and comfort? You want to look great, but chasing kids around in a cocktail dress and 5 inch heels isn't the most practical.

If you read my previous post about Fashion Week, you know that fashion isn't exactly my forte and fitting into Fashion Week didn't come naturally to me. But, if my first experience left me feeling like a Fashion Week flunkie, at least I got the opportunity to improve my grades when I went behind the scenes at the Sophie Theallet show with Aveda and Mac.

8 Simple Style Tips From Fashion Week for Moms

You don't have to be on a cat walk to be stylish. Here are 8 simple tips I took away from Fashion Week that can help any mom achieve the balance between comfort and style:

  1. Pull your hair back. A simple pony tail can be just as stylish as a high-maintenance do.
  2. Add simple accessories. Instead of decking yourself out with the latest accessory trends, keep it simple. For example, add a black bow around your pony tail and leave it at that.
  3. Wear bold eye shadow. Don't be shy! Eye shadow can take the most casual look and make it spicy or sexy or elegant. Play around, try new tips and techniques, and be adventurous.
  4. Wear stylish sunglasses. If Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, can pull it off in a dark room during a fashion show, you can certainly look fashionable wearing them outside.
  5. Wear funky shoes. Even the simplest of outfits can be spiced up with creative shoes. Mix up your outfits by adding fun shoes to the mix and watch how many compliments you'll get.
  6. Walk with confidence. Go with the old addage: "Fake it til you make it." Models walk with such confidence (especially considering they are wearing 5-inch heels). If you feel like the not-so-fashionista as you are getting used to your new eye color or shoe style, stand tall and walk with confidence. In other words: Fake it til you make it!
  7. Eat! Yes! All the models were eating behind stage. Don't starve yourself. Embrace your figure and find fashion that compliments it!
  8. Be inspired. When all else fails, google or flip through magazines for ideas. Let reputable fashionistas and designers be your guide to inspire simple changes to getting you on your way to a more stylish you! Check out this slide show below for ideas.

What are your tips for being a stylish mom?

Photo used with permission from Jen Tilley.

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