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Party Ideas: How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Party

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I'm always searching for eco-friendly ideas for parties because as much as I love to throw a good party, I hate the waste that is often associated with it. Just thinking about the disposable plates, paper napkins, throw away decorations, and heavily processed foods makes me cringe. We throw away too many things in this country and disposable items are certainly a large part of that. There are a lot of eco-friendly party ideas you can use to make your next party a little bit more green and just as amazing.


Eco-Friendly Party Decor

  • For a small, intimate party, it's perfectly acceptable to use traditional plates and silverware. If you're having a large party and don't want to worry about washing fifty plates and silverware, look for eco-friendly disposable plates made of bamboo or a corn based bio resin.
  • Instead of heading to the store, incorporate things you have around the house into your party decor. Use old mason jars to hold cut flowers or wicker baskets to hold silverware.
  • A selection of potted flowers placed around the table or room can bring a splash of color without the waste of throw away decorations.
  • Go with cloth whenever possible. A cloth tablecloth, cloth napkins, and cloth place mats add a certain style that paper just cannot offer.

Eco-Friendly Party Food

  • When planning your eco-friendly party menu, remember that local is best. If possible, choose fruits, vegetables, and herbs from your own garden. If that isn't possible, visit a local Farmer's Market to buy local produce from area farms. Many Farmer's Markets offer a selection of grass fed beef and organic poultry and dairy items as well.
  • If you are purchasing a cake for your party, hire a local bakery to create the cake for you instead of purchasing it from a mass retailer or grocery store.
  • Remember that many people opt for vegetarian or vegan options and consider adding a few vegan recipes to your menu just in case.
  • Beverage options can include hot or cold organic herbal teas, fair trade coffees, and water in reusable cups or water bottles.

Eco-Friendly Party Invitations

  • If all of your party guests are online, consider sending out invitations via email instead of traditional paper invitations.
  • If you want to send traditional paper invitations, look for invitations created on recycled paper with non-toxic inks.
  • I've seen cute invitations that are printed on seed paper which can be planted in the spring for grass or wildflowers when you're done with them.
  • For place settings, use pine cones, flowers, fir tips, cinnamon sticks, and other items to create a place setting that will impress your guests without the waste.

When planning your next party, whether it's for adults or children, consider a few of these eco-friendly party ideas. A 360 photo booth hire is also a great idea to add spontaneity to your party. It will allow everyone to enjoy the party in their own ways. These suggestions will let you enjoy your time with family and friends without harming the environment or wasting resources.

 Do you have any eco-friendly party ideas you use when you entertain?

125x140 Ellen Christian is a busy mom of two teenagers living in rural Vermont.  You can find her at Confessions of an Overworked Mom and The Socialite's Closet

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