Popcorn Bar With Orville Redenbacher’s: The Perfect Treat for Families

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There was a knock on my door and the post man was standing there with a big box. I had no idea what it was and wasn't expecting any packages. Of course I opened it up right away and it was pre-Blissdom Conference Swag!

My kids were very excited about the box of Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Popcorn Bowls from ConAgra Foods. They wanted some right away even though I tried to explain they were snacks for when mommy was gone to Blissdom! I broke down and let them have "just one" before I went away.

Jonathan was the first one to the table in his SuperMan shirt and cape and literally said "Dah, Dah, Dahda!" and was so happy he got first dibs!

The big kids soon joined him, including our new pet rabbit, Buster, the kids got for Christmas this year! I had a hard time trying to get a picture of them actually looking at me because they were busy stuffing their faces with popcorn! They definitely like the new open top pop up popcorn bowls; it just makes it so much easier for everyone to grab at once! Most Excellent!

We sometimes have popcorn as an after school snack and we always have popcorn on Friday nights for Lierman Family Fun Nights. I am inspired to spice up our popcorn by an awesome popcorn bar that was recently at the Blissdom Conference CMT Premiere for Melissa Peterman's and Ed Asner's new sitcom Working Class.

ConAgra Foods had a popcorn machine and a variety of flavored popcorn like: butter flavor, sweet kettle corn, and savory cheddar cheese. That wasn't all! They had fun popcorn cups and all kinds of yummy toppings you could scoop onto your popcorn like: m & m's, ranch flavoring, nacho cheese flavoring, chocolate chips, mixed nuts, dried fruit like raisins and cranberries.

What a great idea! We are going to do this for our next get together! Different Flavored Pocorn + Fun Toppings = Awesome Popcorn Bar = Perfect Family Treat!

What are your favorite flavors of popcorn? Do you have any special toppings that you like? Do you ever make popcorn balls? Share your favorite popcorn recipes, mixtures, and treats!

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