How to Raise Kids With Character


Raising kids with character is one of Mom It Forward’s mission statements. But what exactly does it mean to raise kids with character? How will raising our kids to have character keep them from making negative decisions such as drug abuse?  We decided to take this question and let our community experts speak their voice during our #gno Twitter Party with Stop Medicine Abuse.

The phrase “raising kids with character” means that as an individual you are true to yourself. True to the values and beliefs that you hold. Your character is something that you create inside yourself and it will affect every decision you make in life. Character is an action word. It is expressed through what you say and do.

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What Are The Benefits of Raising Kids With Character

@EricaButeau tweeted “They (kids with character) are mindful about how their actions affect their lives now and long term and impact on others.”

@techsavvymama tweeted “Kids with character are confident and secure in who they are & can be leaders among their peers.”

@ellenblogs tweeted “I think it gives them a moral basis and understanding for their decisions.”

Tips For Raising Kids With Character

  • @DebbiPapay, @bbpinktaz, and @VanillaSyrup_ that teaching kids to have character starts by becoming a parent with character. Children are always watching the adults around them and will follow the example that you set for them.
  • “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” @mommaof4girlies recommend teaching them that each decision they have, will have an effect. It may be small or it may be large. @sweetserenbbli recommends that parents start with simple decisions and as your children are faced with more complex situations, talk about those choices and teach them how to recognize the consequences.

@kristin_welch added that she “always knew the wrong decisions meant less privileges growing up. I knew mom meant business!”

  • Kids make poor decisions and many times it can be avoided by surrounding your kids with positive friendships. @angelgenius27 hosts events for their teens in order to know who their kids are spending their time with. @ESeattleMama recommends checking with your local community or church groups about teen programs in your area. Keep your kids busy with friends who share their interests.
  • Open communication is key. Educate your kids on the issues they will be faced with. @EricaButeau explains further that you should teach them the tools for getting out of a bad situation. Teach them an exit strategy. @preventteenmoms recommends talking about awkward things during car rides because you don’t have to make eye contact. @sweetmatcha gets down to her child’s level so that they can communicate openly with each other.

@dipaolamomma create an open door policy by giving her kids a grace period in which her and her husband won’t react…unless it’s a safety issue.

Learn more tips and tricks from Mom It Forward, brands, and community members during our #gno Twitter parties hosted every week. Check out our #gno calendar here.

What are your tips and tricks for raising kids with character? 

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