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Today, I'm writing about one of my favorite stencil companies, Royal Design Studio. Throughout the years, they have consistently provided stencils that are not only high-quality, but are easy to use and above all, chic. Take a look...

Tabletops serve as a wonderful surface for pattern and color.

It takes just a little to create a bathroom that wows!

There are many stencil designs that can be used to add interest to paneling, furniture, and cabinetry, as seen here.

In case you'd like to tackle stenciling but need to know a bit about the basics, Royal Design Studio has a wonderful How-To section on their site along with a Stencil Ideas blog.

A sweet nursery that is both visually exciting and calm. It's perfect for both Mother and child.

Repeating one stencil element in several good colors proves to be an easy yet oh-so-effective way to update a room.

Paint Tip:

One tip I'd like to impart is about paint. Many DIYers use regular house paint to stencil but I find that paint takes a bit long to dry; if you are moving the stencil along quickly, it can catch that still-wet paint and "drag" it. You then have many touch-ups and that just adds time. My favorite is to use acrylic colors that dry quickly. For metallics, I use the Royal Stencil Cremes as they go on nicely with the stencil brush, set up quickly and dry with a very pretty sheen. Using these types of paints will also help avoid bleed-throughs on the stencil and help you maintain a nice, crisp edge.

On their site and blogs, Royal Design Studio is always providing ideas and tutorials. Here's an example of one: a fantastic DIY jewelry corkboard that's easy and inexpensive.

A great way to introduce lettering that is both fun and elegant is to incorporate it on a wall. This stencil design can also be used on throw pillows, furniture, and flooring.

Have you found the Royal Design Studio stencils inspiring? Do see their website, as it is chock full of images with great color combinations to use and creative design ideas. They've been featured in numerous magazines and most recently, Pier 1 showcased their patterns. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. (Look out for them on Sundays especially—they post amazing one-day sales on popular stencils.) I hope you've enjoyed our first post. If you have any questions on stenciling or finishing, please leave them in the comments. We're here to help!

Have you ever used stencils before? If so, what projects did you create?

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