RV Dreams and Camping Memories

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I have dreamed for many years of owning an RV. When I was growing up, we camped a lot...in tents. I have many fond memories of cold nights and hard floors. I thought we were swimming in the lap of luxury when we all got cots to sleep on.  My husband also grew up camping and owning an RV is something he and I have long hoped and saved for, shopping endlessly for just the right one, one that was well-made, within our budget, roomy, and just the right size to fit on our RV pad.

Yesterday saw the culmination of that dream as we brought home and carefully placed our new Fun Finder. My husband and I, along with our two sons, basked in the glow of our big purchase as we played in it all afternoon long,  folding and unfolding every bed, opening and closing every drawer, turning on and off every appliance, and making plans for epic camping adventures. We sat in it for hours, chatting, cuddling under new blankets, and watching a movie.

Halfway through the movie, though, my responsibilities called and I left the trailer to go in the house and make some calls. In doing so, however, I realized that our camper had speakers on the outside, and that we had been broadcasting "Kung Fu Panda" to half the neighborhood. Had it not been so cold, I'm sure we would have had all the neighborhood kids sitting on our lawn listening to the impromptu "outdoor movie" and half the neighborhood moms wondering where the movie sounds were coming from.

Ah well, such is the stuff of camping memories, right? I mean, what's so memorable about sleeping in the great outdoors, I ask you? Of our last camping trip, (in a teeny tent, mind you) a few years ago, what stands out most is the memory of our oldest boy dumping rocks into the propeller of our boat. And of the trip before that, my fondest memories are of my husband's snoring keeping me and literally the whole campground awake half the night.

What's important now is that we have the fancy vehicle to make those "mistakes" in now, yea, even bigger and better ones!  I know our outdoor shower must be there as much for the making of mud pies and other "gifts" as it is for spraying off! And the big storage compartments, heaven forbid I should actually store firewood and other useful things in them. Don'tcha know that those compartments are more for children hiding in and for husbands "collecting" things?

That's okay. I'm at peace with the mishaps that make up the camping memories. I look forward to many more "oopsies," as long as they're made with my family in the great outdoors. And as long as I have the fancy RV.

Do you like to go camping? What is your favorite camping memory?

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