Forgetfulness and Motherhood: A Day in the Life of a Busy Mom


“Deodorant, deodarant, deodorant”. Yes this is what I chant to myself every morning as I jump out of the shower. Oh the mornings, what a joyful time of day. It's a time of rebirth, to start fresh, to put yesterday behind you and start anew. That is until you step into the kitchen and smell the funk that is your garbage can. Oh crap! I forgot to empty that last night.

So wearing nothing but a damp towel wrapped around my head, I carefully stick my arm outside the side door to drop the offending bag. Hoping that now is not the time the UPS man comes early, or my neighbor has his binoculars out again. On my way to the dryer I grab an egg from the fridge and crack it in the frying pan. Good, that will feed the boy.

Now nothing between me and my clothes, that are still in the dryer. Oh wait!...Is that my son I hear?  He is crying for his breakfast. Ok! Sit him in his highchair, “Yes baby that is a boo boo.” Ok, it is really my boob, but he can't tell the difference. Right?

Ok... “dryer, dryer, dryer”. From the back bedroom “Honey where are my black socks?” Really?!? That man has a whole drawer of black socks. “Which ones Dear?” “You know the ones, oh never mind here they are.” Crisis avoided….. “Dryer, dryer, dryer.”

Trip over the cat insisting on staying attached to my leg until I feed her. Ok! Ok! Feed the cats and the dogs. Now, “dryer, dryer, dryer”. Shirt, pants, undies. What? Where's my bra? New chant, “Bra, bra, bra”.

As I, run through the kitchen, my son chants “Boo Boo!” “Yes baby, it's a boo boo.” Man, I really need to get dressed. As I walk into the bedroom I find a lovely present on the bed, looks as though the cat got sick. Really, right now? Oh well, let's rip the sheet off and throw it in the wash.

Oh look, here's a bra in the bed. Great! Now I am dressed, time to grab my boy. Pajamas? Sure he can wear that to daycare, it looks like an athletic boy’s outfit, right? He's just going to get dirty anyways.

“Diaper Bag, diaper bag, diaper bag”  Got the diaper bag, keys, and my cell phone. Out the door! Forgot my lunch, - back in the house. As I grab my lunch, I manage a quick kiss to the husband, and say good bye. Back out the door. Recheck my son’s car seat. Yep, secure. Start the car and we are off.

I am forgetting something I know it. I go through a mental checklist - Child, Cell phone, diaper bag, lunch, breakfast served, and animals cared for. Check!!! All is fine! Why do I still feel that I forgot something?

Fifteen minutes later, I am pulling into daycare when I hear.....“Strong enough for a man but made for a woman.” “DAMN!!! DEODORANT!!!!!”

By Krissy Stark is a mom who can relate to all the ups and downs of motherhood.  She shares her experiences with our baby clothes partner, My Baby Clothes Boutique. They have a great selection of baby hats to keep your baby warm this winter.
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