Sandpaper T-shirt Craft

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This is a simple sandpaper T-shirt craft project that will keep the kids entertained this summer. The best part about this craft, is that you can make it for under $5.00. I already had used crayons on hand, so a trip to the local dollar store and we were ready to go.

Sandpaper T-shirt Art

Sandpaper T-shirt Craft

Items Needed

  • Sand Paper - Coarse or Fine. If you want to do a less detailed design, use the coarse paper. If you want to create a more detailed piece, use the fine paper.
  • T-shirt
  • Iron
  • Paper Towels
  • Crayons


  1. Color a design on the sand paper. Make sure to press hard with the crayons so you can get into all the groves of the sand paper. When you put your design on your T-shirt, it will be reversed. Compensate for this when you are creating your design.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt so the design doesn't go through the T-shirt.
  3. Place your sandpaper on the T-shirt right side down.
  4. Place a thin dish cloth between the sand paper and the iron. Put the iron on the cotton setting. Run the iron over the sand paper for about 30 seconds.
  5. Gently lift the edge to ensure your design is transferring to the T-shirt. If it isn't, continue to press iron on the area that needs work.
  6. Remove sandpaper and you will see you print on the T-shirt.
  7. To set the color, place a few pieces of paper towels over the design and run an iron over it for a few seconds. This will remove some of the extra wax.
  8. Place the T-shirt in the dryer and run on med-high for 15-20 minutes to continue to set your design.
  9. When washing your shirt for the first time, wash alone.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate a T-shirt?

Post by Jill Greenlaw

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