School: Getting Into a Back To School Routine

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Now that our family is busy preparing for our back to school practice, I have found myself craving the relaxing routine of summer. I tend to be a little more relaxed when it comes to our to-do lists and jobs during the summer; we all like to sleep in, and aren't super stuck on what needs to get done every day. Heading back to school requires discipline.

Here are some tips to make this transition run a little more smoothly in case you are still struggling, like I am.

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How to Get Back Into a School Routine

Set a Bedtime 

The entire family is probably getting up a lot earlier now. Some kids will need help packing their own lunch or making their own breakfast. Make sure your kids are getting the sleep they need so they wake up refreshed and invigorated. Getting the sleep you need will help everyone have a more productive day at work or school.

 Prepare the Night Before

I don't know if your family is like mine, be we always are scrambling in the morning to find papers, socks, and shoes. Having your kids lay out their backpacks and clothes the night before can help avoid a lot of stress in the morning. Check planners, pack as much of your school lunches as possible, and put your items close to the door so they are ready to go quickly in the morning.

Say I Love You

Telling your family that you love them during the day is a great way to let them know you care. Write a note and slip it into your child's backpack or lunch box. You could also pack a special treat in their lunch to let them know you are thinking of them during the day.

Make Time to Unwind

After a long day of school, kids need time to unwind. Instead of diving into school work right away, give your kids a little time to play outside or connect with a friend. When it is time to focus on chores, homework, or lessons, they will be able to concentrate more because they have gotten a much needed break.

Make Time to Recap at the End of the Day

Whether you talk around the dinner table or right before bed, make sure you ask your child about their day. Take time to listen to their achievements and concerns. Share things about your day as well so they know what you are doing. Taking time to talk is a great way for your family to stay connected. It is also helpful when your child is struggling with something. You can be there for them, and help them find solutions because you are engaged in their lives and activities.

How do you help your kids transition back into their school routines?

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