Sesame Street and Playskool Partner to Make Elmo Even More Engaging


After flunking out of Fashion Week the day before, I felt refreshed to find myself in the Hasbro Showroom yesterday with a much more familiar face—Elmo! He didn't judge my not-so-fashionista ways or my uncanny ability to screw up time zones. Instead, in his "let's take it up a few octaves" welcoming voice, he excitedly talked in the third person, made jokes, and made me want to dance!

Why was Elmo so excited? Sesame Workshop and Playskool announced a partnership yesterday followed by the unveiling of the new product: "Let's Rock Elmo." As quoted in The Street:

We are really excited to be able to bring Sesame Street’s great cast of characters to life for a whole new generation of kids to enjoy,” said Jerry Perez, General Manager of PLAYSKOOL. “Our goal with LET’S ROCK ELMO was to create the most interactive Elmo ever and take his special bond with kids to the next level of engagement.

How Do Toys Build Memories for You and Your Children?

As I sat watching the presentation of the evolution of Sesame Street, I thought back on the memories from my childhood—memories of repeating words in Spanish with my mom and Maria, wondering which of these things was not like the other, and learning my numbers with The Count.

Then, my thoughts immediately shifted to my children, especially my oldest, who was obsessed with Elmo. I laughed as the songs from Elmo in Grouchland and Cinderelmo came flooding to my mind, bringing an immediate smile to my face and at the same time, a desperate urge to scream: "Stop growing up!!!"

Toys help us develop fine motor skills, they help us learn important building blocks of education, they inspire creativity, and most of all, they create fun memories from childhood and from parenthood. And, they evolve with us. If Monopoly can go digital and the Easy Bake Oven can bake a la microwave, what's next? Here's a sneak peek:


What toys have created positive memories for you and your kids?

All of the awesome pics were taken by Jen Tilley and I'm sharing them with her permission. The not-so-awesome pics were taken by me on my iPhone with horrible lighting... cuz that's the level of my mad photog skillz!

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