Skin Care: Sprucing Up Your Skin for Spring

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Open your windows, open your doors, clean out your closets, and get those dusty corners spruced up! That’s right girls, it’s Springtime! As you get ready for some seasonal sprucing up let’s not forget that gorgeous face of yours.

Let’s take a second look at your products and get you the right stuff for a radiant glow this season.

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Skin for Spring

Always cleanse your face when you first wake up and before going to bed. If you have normal, oily or sensitive skin, use a mild foaming cleanser. Dry skin typically needs a non-soap cream or milky formula so as not to irritate the skin. When washing your face, use upward circular motions for a through cleanse.

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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. This is the one step that most us don’t do. You skin needs hydration all day and applying the right amount of moisturizer will go a long way in the health of your skin. Most moisturizers have sunblock which is a double dose of goodness. Skip the chemical suncreens. Look for ingredients like Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide since these natural minerals will block the nasty UVA and UVB rays and is safe for all skin types.

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Use an eye and lip creams with anti ageing properties because they are essential to overall skin care. The skin around your eyes is the typically the driest on your face and chemical ingredients can irritate this delicate area. Using ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, and retinol will get the job done without much irritation.

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Exfoliate – this is the one beauty regime you must do. Exfoliating sloughs off those dead skin cells that inhibit moisture and anti-aging ingredients to get through. This skin can sometimes trap dirt and cause mild irritations. Each skin type is different but exfoliating can mean something as simple as using a washcloth with your facial cleanser.

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Hydrate. The best thing for your skin is water. Drink lots of it. Try HINT, the 0 calorie, 0 sugar water with a "HINT" of flavor.

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for taking care of your skin? What products work the best with your skin type? Why? How does your beauty regime differ between the colder and warmer months?

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