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Have you used Pinterest yet? If you are into social media, then you have probably at least heard of it. This new and interesting site is actually now receiving more traffic than the crafting site Etsy even though it’s only been around for a few months. Have I grabbed your attention yet?

That said, you are probably wondering, "What exactly is Pinterest? And wow can I use it to promote my business?" The most basic definition of Pinterest is that it is a site that allows you to create boards and upload any images and text you want to those boards. You can create a new board for each category, you can include links in your text, and you can even upload videos. Then people can search for images on boards, or for entire boards by keyword and comment on them, repin them, (similar to retweeting on twitter), or share them with their followers on the site. You can also share your pins and boards and the pins of boards of others on facebook and twitter. In many aspects, you could say that Pinterest is a twitter for pictures.

How To Use Pinterest for Business

Here are some ideas on how you can use Pinterest to generate interest in your business:

  1. Create boards by category and upload pictures (known as pins on the site) that represent various aspects of your business. These could include things such as pictures of your products, screenshots of your website, pictures of a business event or anything else that is related to your business or niche market.
  2. Use the search feature to locate pins and boards that are related to your business and either repin them to one of your boards or comment on them.
  3. Share pins and boards that are related to your business on twitter or on your facebook page.
  4. Include a relevant link with the description of your pins.
  5. Find and follow people on Pinterest who are sharing pins and boards that are related to your business and your products.

According to your box solution on how to choose the right chocolate bar packaging for your products, you can create a desire for your product with a few well-thought and well-placed words that pull the customer into a relationship with your brand and form a connection.

In short, there are lots of potential ways to use Pinterest for business and since the site is new, it will evolve over time and many more people will use it and it will become even more important and useful for both business owners and for people looking for new and interesting ideas.

 Do you use Pinterest? What do you like most about Pinterest? How do you use Pinterest for your blog/business?

AnnaLaura Brown is a home business owner and social media trainer. She specializes in helping people get healthier by managing and controlling allergies, asthma, autism and ADD. Grab your free power secrets ebook and learn more about how she can help you at

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