Family Travel: How to Stay Healthy on a Theme Park Vacation

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Staying healthy at home is a challenge and takes planning and commitment. So, when your family travels, especially when you take a theme park vacation, how do you stay physically fit and eat right?

This post is part of a five-part seriesĀ on "How to Plan the Perfect Universal Orlando Resort Family Vacation." The first post in our series shared the top thrill rides. Next, we discussed delicious food finds in the parks. Last week, we chatted about the benefits of staying onsite. This post shares tips and tricks for enjoying a healthy trip. We would love to hear your tips as well. Share what has worked for you in our comment section.

7 Tips for Staying Healthy at Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort has many ways for guests to stay in top physical condition, eat right, and reduce stress while enjoying a family vacation.

1. Work out while you're away.

Don't stop your regular fitness routine. If you go to a gym at home, be sure to take advantage of the great fitness centers located in each of the onsite hotels: Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, and Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

2. Take your fitness routine outdoors.

While all three resorts have a water taxi, there is also a path between the resorts and the parks. Opt to walk to the park instead of taking the water taxi or go for an early morning run before starting your day.

3. Wear a pedometer.

Don't underestimate the amount of miles you'll walk in the parks each day. Wear a pedometer and keep track of calories out throughout the day.

4. Make healthy dining choices.

Just as important as calories out is calories in. Universal Orlando Resort, from the hotels to the parks, has a ton of healthy eating options, including many menu items that are 300 calories or less. Confisco Grille and Mythos Restaurant have incredibly delicious meals that are low in calories.

5. Reduce stress.

While eating right and exercising are critical elements in enjoying a healthy vacation, you shouldn't forget the role reduced stress can play in helping your overall health. Here are a few ideas for keeping your stress level low:

  • Plan a mani/pedi with your daughter.
  • Get a message after a long day at the park. The on-site hotel spas are amazing.

  • Enjoy some time in the pool or hot tub and laying out in the sun. Don't underestimate what Vitamin D can do to improve your day!

6. Plan ahead.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? Not a sound choice if you're not trying to spend a ton on groceries. The same logic holds true for staying healthy while on a theme park vacation. Planning ahead is the key to staying physically fit and eating healthy. Research dining options and make a dining plan before you travel. Then, look into fitness centers and their hours of operations, fees, and equipment to ensure they have what you need and to know when you can plan on working out during your trip.

7. Commit.

With a plan in place and a great understanding of all the options, you're ready to enjoy a healthy theme park vacation at Universal Orlando Resort. The key is to stay committed to your plan and if you deviate, instead of beating yourself up with guilt, just jump back on the wagon and continue forward.

How to Plan the Perfect Universal Orlando Resort Vacation

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How do you stay healthy while on a family vacation?

Disclosure: I was provided with an all-expenses paid trip to Universal Orlando Resort. No follow-up promotion or publicity was requested or required. All opinions are my own.

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