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Strengthening Families: How to Build a Family Team

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Successful families are just like successful teams. It takes team work, patience, practice and lots of energy and effort to be a winning team, and a winning family. Here are 5 things you and your family can do to help your family build a winning team.

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5 Ways to Build a Family Team

Choose a Leader—Although all family members should be involved in much of the family planning, problem solving, and decision making, there does need to be clear hierarchy and parents should hold the power. There are things that we don't need to tell our children and decisions that they don't need to be involved in making. There is plenty of room for input but be sure to not let the leadership lines get blurred. Leaders also keep the family on the right path, anticipate needs, and inspire.

Get to Know Your Teammates—It is impossible to know what your team is in need of or how to help them succeed if you don't know them. Make a conscious effort to get to know your family members. Learn what they like and don't like. Better understand their strengths and weaknesses. One of the best ways to do this is to spend individual time with each of them. You won't know who you are playing with until you get to know them. It is only then, that you can use everyone's strengths in the best way possible.

Clearly Define Everyone's Position in the Game—Have you ever been on a team where you didn't know what position you were supposed to be playing or what your responsibilities were? It is frustrating, confusing, unsatisfying, and rarely makes you want to go the extra mile to contribute to the team's success. Family life works the same way. Be sure that "positions" are clearly defined and expectations and consequences are well understood.

Discuss the Wins and Losses—Not every day in family life is going to be perfect, but just like a winning team, you need to have team meetings after the wins and losses. This allows us to discuss what went well and where improvement is needed, thus making the next game easier to win.

Celebrate the Championships—When a team succeeds, they celebrate. Families should do the same thing. Celebrate the wins. Be full of excitement and praise. This lets your family know how much they are valued and the importance of working together to succeed.

Strengthen your team now so you can take home the championship trophy.

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What are some ways you like to build up your family members?

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson, M.S., teaches students the principles behind successful families at Brigham Young University. You can find her online at, and connect with her on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.
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