Strengthening Relationships: 10 Ways to Say “I Love You”


It’s that time of year again. Red and pink hearts are overflowing in stores and on television commercials. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Sure you can do all the regular things to show your loved one you care this year, or you can try something new to show your love and dedication.

10 Ways To Say I Love You

Here are a few fresh ideas for showing your love this Valentine’s Day:

1.) Buy them a new coffee cup and coffee goodies such as a seasonal type of coffee, fancy syrups, and flavored biscotti. Every morning will be extra special and they can think about you with every sip. You can even take your gift giving one step further and purchase a coffee cup with a warmer for an extra special touch. Switch out the coffee goodies for tea if they aren’t into java.

2.) Make them homemade cookies instead of buying candy or sweets. No time for homemade? Buy pre-made dough at the store and bake them yourself. They will be just as tasty and enjoyable as homemade!

3.) Set up a date for a cooking class with your loved one. Better yet, try out a new recipe with your spouse at home and prepare it together. If cooking a full meal with your loved one isn't an option, try a quick breakfast like these Saturday Morning German Pancakes.

4.) Clean the house, do laundry, and any other tedious household task that could give your loved one a boost for the day or week.

5.) Purchase a photo session gift certificate. Photos of your kids, family members, and loved ones are a timeless work of art that can be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Many photographers offer gift certificates and seasonal specials for sessions.

6.) Buy a favorite book or magazine. Don’t know which one to buy? Get a gift card and stick it in a new pair of house shoes.

7.) Surprise your love with new pajamas. This could be added to number seven for a super Valentine's Day gift.

8.) Have their car washed and detailed, or save a few bucks and do it yourself.

9.) Write them a love letter. With everything including books digitized now days, the handwritten letter has become more and more scarce. Taking time to pen a letter expressing your deepest love and why you are grateful for that love will send your loved one over the moon with appreciation and gratitude.

10.) Make homemade Valentine cards and/or decorations with your kids. Grab crayons, paints, pencils, and paper and let your kids create their own Valentine's Day masterpieces for loved ones. Download a copy of this Love printable by clicking here.

 What are some creative ways you can say, "I love You"?

Tiffany is a mamma, photographer, blogger and writer. She has worked in the publishing industry and as a high school art and English teacher. She’s currently working on a Master’s degree in English in between playing Hot Wheels and craft time with her toddler son. Her blog Easie Peasie features crafts, photography tips and ideas, recipes and anything she likes, adores or finds interesting or inspiring.

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