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Service: How to Make Your Spring Break Service-Oriented

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I don’t know about you but spring fever has infected my family in a HUGE way! It snowed 4 inches yesterday alone, and then melted into a lovely 50 degree day (we went for a bike ride after school!). For Spring Break this year, we are hosting our own

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8 SAT Test Prep Tips For A Busy Teen


How exactly do you help your teen study for the SAT or ACT tests when they barely have time to sleep!? We’re in that boat right now. My daughter is so busy as a junior we started calling her a ghost—she only comes out at night! She spends as much…

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Christmas: Stocking Stuffer Strategies—Include The Big Kids!

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I once spent a Christmas visiting an old high school friend and her family. I was intrigued and delighted by a tradition of their family’s. They filled each other’s Christmas stockings! The adult kids all drew names and then sneakily filled each other’s stockings. I asked how long they…

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Mother Daughter Relationships Improve With Gaming?


Moms are playing more and more online games. You’ve seen your Facebook wall light up with social game requests from other moms, right? It’s not surprising that young girls are increasingly playing online games as well. I find if I jump in and play my daughter’s favorite girl games

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FALLunteering! Family Fun Service Ideas

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‘Fall’ into fun family service! Make time for giving back this Autumn—attack your friends and neighbors with random acts of kindness, plan fall family service projects, and remember to insert lots of FUN! 7 Family Volunteering Ideas Try one of these seven different ‘Fallunteering’ ideas!

  1. Baking Up Boo


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