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Summer Tea Parties

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Little girls and tea parties go hand in hand. No matter how simple or fancy you make it, they will enjoy it. I remember dressing up in my grandma’s hats, fancy shoes and plastic jewelry while sitting down to chipped china from her basement and having tea (which was really…

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Tips When Packing Kids Carry-on Luggage

traveltips for traveling with children

Traveling with kids can be stressful. Just ask me. The first time I traveled alone with all four of my kids they were 6 and under. I had a nursing baby, 2 toddlers, and a barely 6 year-old that was afraid to fly. We were traveling cross country… with two

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Stop Sibling Rivalry in its Tracks

parentingages and stages

We’ve all been there. Your home is peaceful and happy one minute, then the next it’s an all-out war zone.
Sibling rivalry is an age-old problem that’s never completely going to go away. If you’ve looked into the subject much, you’ve probably come across the advice to avoid taking sides.…

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Summer Fun Toys

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I was invited to attend Time To Play Mag (TTPM)… Spring Showcase in New York on May 1st to check out all of the hot, new, and exciting toys that are coming out for spring and summer 2014. Since I have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys, a lot

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How to Make a Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament


Christmas is not too far away and we’re getting into the spirit of the season by making ornaments for our tree. Today we’re going to teach you how to make a Popsicle stick sled ornament.

To make this ornament you’ll need:

  • 12-14 wooden craft sticks (Popsicle sticks)
  • 2

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10 Tips: How to Raise a Child on a Budget

parentinghome management

Money should be the least of your worries when bringing home a new baby. Unfortunately, for most adding a baby into the household budget is one of the biggest stresses of becoming a new parent. But do not fret; raising a child without breaking the bank is entirely possible.


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Strengthening Families – Encouraging Gratitude

strengthening family

We all know that “please” and “thank you” are an important part of good manners. But encouraging gratitude …in our children is about much more than manners. Research shows the people who are grateful are more optimistic, have more energy, and are overall happier. They also are more active and

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Strengthening Families by Using Boundaries

family funstrengthening family

When we think of the word boundaries, we often think of fences, ropes, or maybe even boundaries in sports such as “out of bounds”. In families, although we might have a fence around our homes, or instruct our children to not go past the sidewalk, our family boundaries are

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Fathers Day: Make a Canvas Gift

craftskids crafts

Fathers Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you will be getting (or making) that special dad in your life? Need some inspiration? Well no worries. Today I’m going to share how my son & I created this “I’m Hooked On Daddy” Fathers Day canvas gift.…

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Education: How to Encourage Study Habits in Young Kids


It is never too soon to start encouraging good study habits. Even five- and six-year-old children can benefit from learning how to study. What many people do not understand is that studying is an activity… like any other. While some people seem to have an innate knack for it, almost

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