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Summer Tea Parties

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Little girls and tea parties go hand in hand. No matter how simple or fancy you make it, they will enjoy it. I remember dressing up in my grandma's hats, fancy shoes and plastic jewelry while sitting down to chipped china from her basement and having tea (which was really tap water) with my stuffed animals. It didn't matter that I was wearing jeans and a tank top underneath, I was still the Queen of England in my mind.

Summer Tea Parties Ideas

Here are two of my favorite tea parties that I have done for my girls. These are perfect to chase away the summer boredom blues. Tea parties can be thrown together in a short amount of time just by using things that you already have in the house. Both of these were done with things I had on hand and cost me absolutely nothing out of pocket! All you need is a little time and imagination.

Rainy Day Tea Party

Tea Parties

Sometimes during the summer when the kids are out of school we find ourselves stuck inside due to a rainy day. These days are perfect to invite a friend or two over and have a last minute tea party. By using only things we have on hand in the house I set tea up a tea party for four. The girls made invites and went to a local friend and invited her over for tea.

I set up a little table in the bay window with some decorations that we had left over from a party last year.

Tea Parties

I had a bunch of old stationary that my mother-in-law gave me last year so I decided that our activity would be writing letters and making cards for moms, and grandmas.

Tea Parties

I hit up Target on Tuesday mornings during the school year when I have a little bit of time to myself. I always check out the clearance end-caps for good deals. I now have a steadily growing collection of notebooks, and notepads. (They usually cost me about a quarter each so I can't pass them up when I see them.) For this particular party I grabbed a few out of the pile and some tulle that I had laying out from a different project and created little packages for the girls to take home. This way they could keep writing letters even after the party.

Tea Parties

Even though it was a "tea" party the girls never actually drank tea. They had lemonade and cookies while they wrote their letters instead. I offered tea but they were content to write letters, watch the rain, and eat the pink Starburts that I put out on the table as confetti. The whole thing took only 30 minutes to set up and an hour of play but the girls had a great afternoon and we stayed busy on that rainy day.

Tea In The Trees

Tea Parties

When the weather is nice and you want to get out here is a tea party idea that is just as easy or easier than the rainy day tea party. All you need are a couple of trees. I took some old sheer curtains from Ikea that I had from when the girls were little and we tied them to the branches. I put their little table down and covered it with another old curtain and set out plastic plates and cookies. It was easy and fun. It took 5 minutes of prep and the girls had a grand time. I want to do this one again on a larger scale with lots of little girls. Can you see it?

Tea Parties

So no matter rain or shine you can have a fast, fun, (almost) free activity to help keep your girl's boredom at bay. now if they would only just share those cookies with me...

What do you do to keep boredom at bay during the summer?

*Photos courtesy of Shannon Hadden and Kendra Frampton

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