Monday Night Football Appetizers: 5 Finger Foods for A Game

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What is a good weekend or Monday Night Football game without some delicious appetizers? I love curling up on the couch with my family while watching sports. What adds to the family fun? Snacking on some fabulous finger foods!


5 Appetizer Ideas That Pair Perfectly With Watching Sports on T.V.

Here are a few recipes that will surely be a touchdown in the taste department:

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

Yum! These wings are just the right combination of everything. Paired with a cool ranch and some carrots and/or celery they are a perfect treat to munch on during the game.

sweet and spicy chicken wings recipe-1

Goat Cheese Pops with Herbs, Pecans, and BaconĀ 

Aside from being absolutely delicious, these appetizer pops are easy to make and look so nice and pretty on a plate.


Bacon Oven Potato Peels

Potato skins are one of my favorite appetizers of all time. They are easy to make and delicious to eat. This snack is perfectly paired with a zesty or southwestern ranch.

loaded oven chips dip

Fried PicklesĀ 

Made popular first in the American South, this appetizer has traveled all the way to me and stolen my heart. They are best when paired with a ranch or creamy dipping sauce.


Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

How amazing do these stuff mushrooms look? The cheesy goodness paired with pepperoni, olives, and green peppers is the perfect combination to be placed and cooked inside a mushroom! These are so flavorful and are a great finger food to snack on.


Want more ideas? Enjoy a list of more than 25 football finger foods in our Superbowl Sunday food post.

What appetizers and finger foods does your family like to eat while watching sports on TV?

Photos courtesy (from top) of Season With Spice, The Keenan Cookbook, and Lauren's Latest.
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