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Vintage Backyard Family Game – Colored Eggs

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Family time is what summer is all about and with family summer activities in the plan I've been remembering my own childhood and the outdoor games we used to play? Do you remember the game colored eggs? I had completely forgotten about it until last Christmas. I noticed my brother-in-law chasing the kids around and they were all laughing and squealing. I walked out onto the front porch and heard him yelling, "blue, red, green!". I was immediately taken back in my memories to Mansfield, Texas and my nannies front porch. Holly, Misty, Brian, Crystal, John, and I would choose colors and hope that our color wasn't called out by grandma! We would run around her giant front yard and duck in-between the pecan trees, hoping not to get caught.

Fun Vintage Backyard Games - How to play colored eggs 2

Vintage backyard family games are so fun! They bring back so many memories and they are just really amazing, easy games. This one doesn't take any materials or set up!

How You Play the "Colored Eggs" Game

Have one person be "The Wolf" and have each person think of a color for their "egg".  Choose home base. (We like to choose the porch or a tree - something that is very easy to get to and can have more than one person touching it.)

Have one player be "Mother Hen". Everyone tells their color to "Mother Hen".

Now you're ready to play. Have the wolf start guessing colors. Now the giggling begins! If your color is guessed, you have to run past the wolf and back to home base. (Parenting Survival Tip: We like to tell the kids the path that they can run so there is no confusion or arguing about where they have to go.) However, if you're more into mobile games, you can try sites like 카지노.

Fun Vintage Backyard Games - How to play colored eggs

The game can last for hours. It is always so funny to hear the colors they start to choose. Gold, silver, rainbow, and sprinkle are some of the silliest ones I've heard. I haven't decided if sprinkle is actually a color, but it seems to work for them - so I leave my opinions out of that part!

Fun Vintage Backyard Games - How to play colored eggs 1

Are there any vintage games that you remember playing? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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