Holiday Decorations: How to Dazzle With DIY Crafts


I have found that picking out, making, and presenting decorations in your home is harder than it looks! Wanting to make my home festive for the season, I scoured the net and Pinterest for some ideas on easy and cute holiday crafts to help your home dazzle during the holidays.

Holiday Decoration Ideas

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

How cute is this? Made by sign maker extradioniare, Andrea, this craft would be a great addition to your porch or family room.

Wood Christmas Tree Holiday Crafts

(Photo from

Holiday Card Tree

If you have a big extended family, raise your hand. (I am currently raising BOTH of my hands.) During the holidays, my mailbox gets filled to the brim with holiday cards and greetings. After all the available space on my fridge is taken, I resort to placing these adorable family photos in random places. I love the idea of this cute decoration and holiday card holder—two birds with one stone!


Winter in a Jar

Over the last year, I have hoarded saved old salsa and pickle jars. I have often wondered what I was going to use those jars for and now I know! I am going to turn those empty bottles into winter in a jar. These jars would look darling on mantles or tops of bookshelves.

Winter scenes in a jar

(Photo by


Joy to the World Sign

Have a love for both wood art and banners? Then this is the craft for you! Stencil a few of your favorite holiday sayings like, "Joy to the World," or "Merry & Bright," on a cutely painted block of wood and you will have your very own piece of art. This would also be cute for your favorite song lyrics or quotes.

Shabby Chic Christmas Stockings


Even if you have been bad this year, Santa would not DARE to put coal in these cute stockings! Fun and easy to make, these bad boys will make your mantle dazzle. I love the embellishment and initials added to give them some personality.

What holiday crafts have you tried this year? Please share!



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