Invisalign Giveaway: The Importance of a Confident Smile

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I spent the first years of my life with adult teeth wholly embarrassed to smile outright. I would cover my mouth when I got the urge. I never smiled in photos. And, I spent many nights crying to my parents about how desperately I wanted, no needed…, braces. Middle

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Swimwear Giveaway: Win a Miraclesuit Slimming Swimsuit


When it comes to summer, one can’t help but think of beaches, boats, flip flops…and bathing suits. During these warm summer months, many people dread the thought of having to throw on a bathing suit. Many women think, “If only I could just lose a few extra pounds, I would…

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Bullying: Jessie Funk’s Ivy Girl Academy Helps Teenage Girls

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To talk to Jessie Funk now, you would never guess that she used to be an insecure teenage girl who was bullied… a lot and who bullied others herself. She is now in her mid 20’s, a confident singer, motivational speaker, author, nonprofit director, wife, and mother. But she hasn’t

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Tips: Craft and Create Without Compunction!

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We’re big on doing crafts here, both with kids and without. Any excuse to break out adhesive of any kind, paper, and glitter, and we’re there! Recently, a few of our favorite crafters got together during a MomItForward Twitter Girls’ Night Out (#gno) sponsored by Plaid, …and talked about

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Sleepovers: How Your Child Will Benefit from a Night Away

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Our daughter was at a sleepover as my husband and I snuggled into bed and looked at the clock. The giant, red numbers boasted 10:45 pm. “She did it,” I squealed. “She did it,” he nodded. Ring, ring, ring.… “And maybe not.”
The telephone signaled another late night pick-up, and

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Confidence: How To Help Your Daughter Build Self Esteem

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Confidence—Before our daughter was born we got an amazing piece of parenting advice…. When your baby cries (even if your baby is 42), there’s an instinct to try and soothe away their tears with gentle rocking and hushed words like “Oh, don’t cry, angel” or “What’s wrong, my

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Self Worth: The Key to Better Relationships


Relationships—Relationships can be a challenge. At any given time we are either searching for one, mending one, ending one, or all of the above. We depend on them physically, spiritually…, and emotionally whether we admit it or not. Those that say, “I don’t need anyone,” are only fooling

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Confidence: Spiderman Backpacks Increase Teen’s Self Esteem

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Confidence—Before the first day of school each year, I give my four children the chance to go through a bin of recycled… backpacks. My daughter, a ninth grader, informed me that she didn’t need one. She had taken the initiative to buy her own and this backpack proudly displayed 

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Me Ra Koh: Wednesday #gno Twitter Party on Photography and Confidence

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When it comes to Me Ra Koh, a camera is not just a means of capturing an event, but a catalyst for sharing, for building confidence, for showing love. Many people love the camera and are reasonably good at taking pictures. However, it takes a special someone…perhaps emotional person to

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Me Ra Koh Giveaway: Win a $400 Gift Card to a Confidence Workshop, Book, and DVD


For those of you who don’t know Me Ra, she often appears as the photo expert on NBC’s The Nate Berkus Show. Last week, she was featured in The New York Times!  She has a bestselling book Your Baby in Pictures… and an award winning, instructional DVD series

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